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We could possibly get that landfall here carter at county near atlantic beach morehead city the beaufort area where the cedar island ferry takes you out here towards ocracoke. That's where we're going to be watching the possibility of the highest wind and so far they mentioned it. It hasn't been that dramatic with the winds even willing to you're not that far from the center but you're wizar- only gusting fifty-five were forty-three jacksonville myrtle beach still gusting at fifty two on the backside the storm but your weather will dramatically improve as we go throughout the night and so here's how we're going to see this playing out so here's that potential landfall in eastern carter county sometime time right around. It looks like maybe two three a._m. In the morning net could have the wind seventy five and ninety five miles per hour. We could get the peak of the surge to at high tide about that same time so we still have some problems there and then we take the storm early tomorrow morning over the top cape hatteras. It looks like by about ten a._m. It'll be crossing land in getting out over the ocean and then by noon tomorrow after about two weeks of watching what will be a historically remembered in never used name again. Dorian will be gone lawrence at noon tomorrow bill. You think that might be the last necessary. Reporting on this. I in the lower forty eight and the only caveat is that that this will slingshot up become extra tropical almost like a nor'easter type storm and go into nova scotia. They're gonna have some high winds and rain on saturday but it'd be it'd be a different beast than the hurricane. It's been now bill karen. Thank you very much for taking us tonight really appreciate it and how is it looking at this hour in north carolina right now. We head to wilmington where n._b._c. news. Correspondent cal perry is covering dorian for us there cow. What is the situation there lawrence just to give you ninety. I'm undercover. We're here. We've had three inches of rain in the last three hours that day. Lose is something that officials are worried about.

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