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Going to see some new pickoff place they were just working on some things i mean the thing even though there's a contending team world series container you still work on the finer things which is why joe just today reiterated it wouldn't mind extra days of spring training they haven't been able to get to everything if you can believe that they're gonna work on some stuff in fort myers before the games today was more defense some some back picks from the catcher you might see a pickoff attempt on the on the funding situation with a pitcher result charging catcher throwing down the first to the second basement keep an eye on that so contrast is involved in a lot of the reason is because contrary and rizzo they're so good at what they do they can try some sort of different pickoff plays that you normally wouldn't do and we'll just hasn't iraq and back there and anything else for the weekend that we need to know about jesse not really for the weekend because it's going to be the regular lineups chat what's gonna pitch day they're gonna go after today all the starters will go again but they'll reduce the pitch count eddie butler is going to get a start davis split squad tomorrow night montgomery going to get a start in fact montgomery are going to start tomorrow tomorrow night in two different games and john lester is gonna pitch a minor league game because he just has to get sixty pitches and he's done so this is the last dress rehearsal game darvish i think it was the best of all so far dress rehearsal wise and the other guys were good enough obviously and so we'll see chat with but other than that it's the regular they'll break camp sunday fort myers monday tuesday and that's sick we're off and running hi we'll talk to you next week our kris bryant has a four to one okay a bryce harper is plus three hundred chris bryant is plus four hundred nolan aaron auto is plus.

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