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Wow thank you very much for that question. i see. i don't know who wrote that Oh maritza merits wrote that question. So here's how it works. Generally most of the time an actor who is acting doing acting work does their best to try and invite agents and managers to come and check out their work now. A lot of it's done online. I know but reaching out to an agent or manager after you've done the right kind of homework. What does that homework mean. That means that you have decided on the kind of agency that's going to be best for you. You see all agents. Don't cover all areas quite as well. They're not just kinda universal agent out there. Some agents are boutique agencies. They're very small. Maybe three or four people working in that agency. That might be a really good fit for you. Then there's those medium-size agencies. Their job is to get appointments for actors. They're experts added. And so that might be an agency that is well worth your while. Additionally some agencies are experts a little bit there are some agents that really love having actress of a certain age or some agents who love to represent dancers or singers or musical theater people and then there are some agencies that just really focus in on film and television work for their clients. So you need to do a little bit of research. You don't literally apply but what you do. Is you extend yourself when you have a reason to make contact to an agent. You extend that as an option you say. I'm taking this class with so. And so and i'm really learning a lot and i was wondering if you are looking for or seeking my kind of talent and that would you include your picture on your resume and a very brief kind of note or cover letter to them but generally speaking the way it happens is that you're in something and the agent or manager knows about that something you are in and they reach out and want to make an appointment to meet with you. It's very much a marriage and you have to date. I and so once you have an idea about what agencies might be good for you. Then it's a matter of making a concerted professional efforts to make occasional contact and pursue with your interest in seeking representation. Thank you maritza for that. I hope that that was helpful to you. That's it for today's episode of casting actors. Cast i hope you got something out of it. It was my pleasure to present this podcast to you. I look forward to your correspondence reaching out and also please. If you're interested in promoting the podcast. I would be so grateful. Please leave a review on itunes or any podcast provider. The podcast casting actors cast is made possible your support just by listening. Please share and subscribe wherever you get your podcast. I'm kim clarke..

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