Music industry calls for Black Out Tuesday amid unrest


Today the sound of protests and calls for change will be heard loud and clear as the music industry goes quiet several record label executives and artists have thrown their support behind the blackout Tuesday protest which aims to raise awareness to show solidarity with the demonstrations being held against police brutality the music industry as a whole will stop normal operations for a day in an effort to fight racial justice and support the black community a statement released about the initiative wrote the music industry is a multi billion dollar industry an industry that has profited predominantly from black art Jane Fonda is speaking out against white privilege in an interview with CNN the actress and activist called on white people to educate themselves and support the black lives matter movement fund explained to don lemon that white people should recognize their own privilege and use it to advocate for change she said we have to understand what it is that keeps racism in place Hosey is helping out those heard during the George Floyd protests in Los Angeles the singer stood on the front line of a protest in Santa Monica California this weekend and was photographed providing medical aid to fellow protesters who were injured all the shared on social media that she had to help bandage up a man who was shot by rubber bullets in the

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