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They had to drive out of town somewhere to a smaller town. And i didn't ask now. That's very odd. Why would a smaller town in. Nebraska have the capability the charging capabilities. The station and lincoln. Wooden i can understand why small towns will have charging stations. Because it's that's free market. I mean there are. People who are who believe in electric vehicles and electric bills are very real. Gonna grow and it's going to be charging stations everywhere but there are people who want to stay ahead of that curve and so the installer charging station but why there are none. Right in lincoln nebraska. Yeah that's true. Free market principles apply in lincoln. Yeah i don't know and you talk about an opportunity. There to be the only game intel in town of a market there. What three hundred thousand people. I get that now. Maybe the sister was wrong. But how can they be wrong when it would have to be the program. And the tesla car. That's wrong right and not the pro- the program isn't in the car. I mean the program exists on the internet. Maybe they need an update. Yeah i don't know unanswered question. Maybe you have the answer. The answer nine seven three five three thirteen. I remember one time. I was back in pittsburgh. Visiting my father. And i got an electric vehicle and for the life of me. I could never tell and it was on right. He said the things unbelievable he said. It's like zero to sixty in like less than three seconds. And he said this am loud when you step and maybe you're driving an electric car right now and you're saying man you guys are really said what kind of noise make when when you put your foot and he said none none. He said what you'd better be hanging on. Wow yeah your gums. Start clapping could be well. That's what we do here on morning so gail we flap away with wild abandon but we also flap about some pretty darn important things particularly when it comes to your retirement years abbott plan in place. No well maybe you can rationalize justify that saying well gail. I've got like decades ago before. I even going to start thinking about retiring. Yes but let me tell you. Those years are going to fly by quicker than you think. And that's why you need a plan in place at work for you and the sooner you do that the better and guess what it all starts with your questions about retirement you have to do is pick up the phone gift keith. Wineman presidential wealth level into call and he loves it questions. I do love your questions. And that's before. I even know what they are. That's because i love all questions so let me take a swing at your questions..

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