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6 43. It is Alabama's morning news. I'm JT and joining us now from the Heritage Foundation. Doug Badgers here to talk a little bit more about what's happening with all these mandates that seemed to coming down our governor, just extending hours here in the state of Alabama through March. And Biden saying Everybody put a mask on federal property Then course he doesn't do it. So I mean, what's good for the goose? Not so much for the gander. Joining us once again talk a little bit more. Welcome back in. Doug, I appreciate you being here. Thank you. J t hope you're having a great morning. I am so far so good. Let's talk about the lockdown. So social distancing all the mask wearing here. Is there a better way to combat this? What about self testing and that type of thing? Yeah, Absolutely. JT, Look, we reported our first US covert case a year ago. If I told you then that we were going to do massive lockdowns, extensive school closures. Telling everyone to wear masks, and a year later, we would have 400,000 deaths. Associate ID with the infection. You probably would have said Do we have a plan B. On so far. Unfortunately, we don't We've been very, very fortunate that pharmaceutical manufacturers have produced the vaccine as quickly as they have. We're still months away from having a sufficient number of people immunized that that leaders are going to say it's okay for us to return to whatever normal is So, Yeah, We need to be doing something Mork or and so far that we don't have a real indication from the Biden administration that they tend to do more. Well, they're blaming the President Trump administration for not having a plan better in place for mass distribution. Having a plan B that you discussed and combating this virus. I thought the president Trump, uh, Did a fantastic job with the task force getting everybody together that he could the experts in the field moving forward. I mean, warp speed on this vaccine distribution is still slow going in. A lot of areas, including our state here were last on the list as far as actual, you know, administering of the vaccines, saying that the It's we've got them here. Some. But now they're saying even that is going to be a slowdown Hurdles to overcome with the vaccine distribution. So, uh, what are your thoughts on where we go with this? I mean, I wear a mask. I've got the antibodies because I've had it. But I wear the mask. You know, more than just, you know, respect folks around me that you know, I don't want the looks and discussions from people aren't you wearing a mask? You know, so Your thoughts on where we ought to be going and concentrating right now. Well, we're in the same boat, JT. I wear masks and both my wife and I got it and we're fortunate to have recovered from it over the Christmas holidays. Let me tell you where I would start. The president by his press secretary said last night that White House staffer being tested daily. Good for them. What about the rest of us for the rest of us were testing at a rate of about two million per day. Um, you know you go. You get your test. You wait three or four days and find out. You didn't have it three or four days ago. Um, what we haven't had either from the FDA under the previous administration or yet, under the new one is the FDA to allow us to have access. Too low cost several tests right that yield instant results that we can do at home. Until that happens, we're gonna be stuck in the same pattern on we've got to break out of it. I'm with you there, my son coaches in college football. They test three times a week mandatory for those folks to be tested. You know the organizations that have the financial you know, wherewithal to do that can get it done. Obviously, the White House has got the financial means to get it done. But you're right. The average Joe. It's got to be affordable and it should be available soon. I mean, if they can do the 15 minute, quick test Now what's preventing more manufacturers to step up that game and allowing us to buy it in the Walgreens or CBS and go get the self testing kits there? I mean, is, Do you see that? That is a major hurdle or they just haven't you know, worked in that direction yet? Well, the FDA has not yet approved those tests that are very affordable. So far, they've only approved one test that you can get over the counter. Um and do your own gets room results at home. Unfortunately, it cost 30 bucks a pop. It's made. But are you an Australian company, and they think they can get 20 million of them here over the first six months of this year? Well, you know, that's not good enough. There were other products pending before FDA that really cost only a dollar or two to produce. Can be manufactured at the rates of tens of millions a day and give the rest of us the kind of thing that your son's football team and that president by the staff get. Which is to find out what their status is right on a fairly regular basis. Let the families and their you know those are the citizens have a you know the making best decisions for themselves. Based on what their test looks like, in their own homes. I agree with you completely. So you know, we've got some work to do on it. No doubt about it. Doug Bad your Heritage Foundation. Thank you so much. Doug. It's 6 48 now. Alabama's morning news. Well, if remote work is here to stay, Uh, might businesses adjust this year to continue to be successful? We'll be talking with Clint Pageant who is the president and CEO of Project Success Inc. Up next three minutes. Alabama's morning news Free healthcare hundreds to more than $1000 per month and.

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