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Oppression with a certain activity. I took a quick poll of young people. I know the results are split, but the feelings are passionate. We'll get to that. We'll get now a traffic report from Tracy Taylor sell any blocking problems. One of which is on north on four zero five at thirtieth. Now drivers experiencing delays from just out of south center and heading out towards that scene. It continues to be slow as we reach I ninety out to southeast eight. That's because there a wreck there that's blocking some heavy traffic on northbound four zero five in and out of Kirkland, you're going to find some slowing on southbound. I five from Northgate through downtown votes actions of ninety nine or struggling south lake union heading out towards the stadiums, rollover crash that's out on strata boulevard and south just east of south center Parkway. This is out near the south entrance of the Southcenter mall. Drivers are also going to run into a left lane blocked. Just came in northbound one six seven at eight street out in Pacific. We have some heavy traffic on eastbound eighteen between between Hobart road heading out towards the I ninety doesn't look like. That's too much of a problem. Now, however, it looks like the cameras are working for me. So I'll just keep an eye on that you continue to slow on five twelve not only around the south home. All but drivers experiencing delays outside of Lakewood as well more on that coming up after Ursula headlines at three thirty three traffic brought to you by emerald Queen casino. C-pap Benetton, Neil Giraldo at the drumming thumping fluttering patients described the symptoms of eight Feb, lots of ways. Learn more about eight hundred and early detection diagnosis with the American heart association's new podcast series at heart dot org slash podcast. Three tour at Benetton, only at the emerald Queen casino, the entertainment capital of the northwest. Kiro radio realtime traffic, I'm.

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