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Markey, Harris, Booker to introduce resolution calling for elimination of qualified immunity


Meantime Massachusetts senator ed Markey is teaming up with fellow senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris they're introducing a new resolution to end the concept known as qualified immunity a confessional Civil Rights Act of eighteen seventy one allows people to sue public officials including police officers we deprive them of their civil rights but the senator says the Supreme Court has granted police officers qualified immunity which sets standards for a lawsuit that would be so high that it would almost never succeed objective was to be able to find a prior case in which the courts have already gained the challenge use of course to be illegal but the case must also be in the same jurisdiction with the same facts the same context in the same conduct even the smallest distinctions between the cases result in a dismissal of the case on grounds of qualified immunity marquis went on to say that Congress has to act because the Supreme Court so far has refused to change their interpretation on this said hold that the Supreme Court would recognize the problems it created and take out any one of the more than a dozen qualified immunity appeals pending before but on Monday Monday of this week the High Court again hundreds he used to bring up those cases Suffolk County DA Rachel Rollins joining marquee for the presser today saying this concept has led to a rogue police officers believing they can kill with

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