Chicago police boss David Brown shares message of love during press conference


In the south side headed back across town to the LCD get an update and I saw a black business owner would assign they just said I love you with the heart and he was blaring some music I could barely make out but it reminded me of nineteen seventies R. and B. so I had a little so I told my team the pullover let me get into you know interact with this business owner we got a chance to speak briefly he was planned Marvin Gaye what's going on he's a young man I say may your parents must raise you right he began talking about the looting and how he was standing there with a sign that said I love you so that he can put forth a positive a positive message to those who would protest who would loot he invited me to come back yet in our studio my daughter is artsy I said I bring my daughter back for one of your classes and I walked away hearing the last parts of the song what's going on only love can conquer hate brother Marvin said at the end that's all Google what's going on by Marvin Gaye young people and let me know what's going on next I'll turn it over to police superintendent David Martin their file I did David brown I'm sorry following mayor Lightfoot with the touching story about a small business owner and a sign of love

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