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The gaiko drive of the game truck toy west is now bore down on the sidelines and he's got rob kelly with royal first boron kelley outstanding game mostly retain very we've seen all year two touchdowns in the day took me about your team held the goalie to play on the road in this environment we could beat up wine give away they felt good god god good are we had other allow bagaza but he was that innovative part it's a good guy bank managers does thought novelties with mbeki goes back up the guy hiccuping where we did i think we've got a lot to learn about the day these new better assume we do complete good work talk mubarak hull was offense could you ask put in in the case is seattle ducas in such a short time wicked inexperience along with a time evercloser union guys got up early in the guys on the gaza gained by an organ and we ought to be executed the other the next week ghazi jitney easier you play another great deep in minnesota woods gain here you can bring missile is enough elven never get easier we've gotta go back opd held be ill forget them all guys begging it could be in a big way a good resolutions the hilton prison guards guys of your big day for rob kelly both touchdowns for the washington redskins at what a road victory for the redskins as they improved their record to four four seattle falls to five and three and a fall out of first place in the nfc west as the la ramps takeover by virtue of their six two record with their win over the new york giants today don't go away we will be back to wrap things up here in seattle redskins seventy seahawks fourteen you are listening of the.

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