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Weekend. Harris County Judge today ruled that there is not probable cause to place IMA Pressler at the scene of Sierra Rod's death. More witnesses in the neighborhood need to be calm and somebody's got to say Yeah, that looks like the truck. I don't have anybody who was there at the time saw the red truck saying Yes, the red truck she's riding with similar to or is the same. Truck pressure was already being held on unrelated charges, except Senator John Cornyn and Democrat opponent M. J Hangar are set for at least one debate next month. They will meet to discuss the issues October 9th of the Bullet Texas State History Museum in Austin. The debate will be broadcast by the next Our Broadcasting network and shown online statewide. Hagar says her campaign is hoping for two more debates Corns campaign When only says they're open to other debates. The quarter virus pandemic has shown an important high speed Internet can be the problems. Many parts of Texas still don't have access. Now a group of nearly 100 state lawmakers are sending a letter to the governor asking for support in developing a statewide broadband Internet plan. ECONOMIST rate. Perriman says it would make the ST Maur attractive, very difficult for any company today to consider locating only know that if necessary, they had moved to a remote operations in short order and with efficiency. Letter from those lawmakers to the governor says they want the plan now before next year's legislative session, and they hope to use federal cares. Act money to start the program. News time 503 Time to check your money. Here's rage Money man Pat Shen brought to you by d. Amato.

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