Liveability, Denver, Todd discussed on TMA Morning Show with Charlie James


To the these increases and the the times are going to be changed when they get this park ride system for hospitality workers now we todd yesterday about seven thousand seven hundred people that work downtown and that they depend on parking downtown so now what they wanna do is they wanna come along now these are these are people that i thought we were supposed to be protecting these people i thought these were the people that we were supposed to be looking out for the average american or the average charles stone ian and the people that work downtown i thought we were supposed to be looking out for those folks i thought liveability was going to be the rule of the day under the tech limburg administration but it seems that now and i would like to amman and find out exactly gov vote did for this because i would really like to call them out on it where's the liveability there where is them we had a lot of folks call on in yesterday and we we talked about the fact that this is really about the tourist they are they want you to go to the park ride and go downtown if you work downtown but they don't care about the tourist because they've already got their money they know that they're here and they know that they are here to spend money so it's not going to tourist are gone a revolt against it is not going to affect them when you go to a town in new go to visit or something like that and you walk in and you go to dollars an hour and they enforce till ten o'clock okay i don't know any better so i'll go ahead and pay it well the tourists don't really realize how that's impacting the people that work in that community back in denver i'm gonna say i was there last week their mayor a few years ago decided that way he was going to make it easier for people or more affordable for people to go downtown in denver and i'm wondering i really needed to.

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