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I thought he was fantastic to have seen him in a little bit. Oh you didn't see bad. GRANDPA have blu-ray That's force you haven't seen it but you have the blue grow. You have to save somebody else for buying doing God's work there yourself in the fire and it's a very subdued like we said look at the gangster lifestyle it takes its time it knows. It has a large window to tell the story and uses that to its advantage And and by the end like you said it's just a story about a man who shows us lifestyle over his family and how that leaves an empty all right now. I'll go to my number four. It's actually movie that we both really enjoyed penguin when highway right yeah. He saw penguin much of the Penguin. Mr Poppers Penguins Hat la this movie directed by here. Our Hero Yasu ISHITA. It's An anime film like I said I always like to kind of search for films like this. Every year. We get an anime. That's fantastic that I think should be nominated for best pitcher. I mean a couple years ago when your name. Am came out and it wasn't even nominated for best animated movie that would be on my all time for the for the decade. Definitely but this movie in particular it follows a fourth grader. Peter who is kind of like a boy genius. He's like Dexter Jimmy Neutron and it sends a good message to kids. You know. He's very optimistic. He's very ambitious over science and and something happens in his hometown where these penguins and up popping they pop up Mr Bob Pursuance. No not like that. But they're mysteriously popping up. He lives nowhere near the ocean. So he uses is a combination of magic and science and also friendship. He's got his buddies to solve this mystery. And it's very clever. It's very engaging and like I said the script is great. So many quotable lines Yeah overall this film that makes it into my top ten because movies like this the Pixar movies the Miyazaki. I don't know there's that magic that you can create an a children's Children's film. There's a box that you can't go outside of so you have to find a way to be clever and especially with anime films. They do such a great job of of relating to adults where the whole family can go out and watch them but yeah penguin highway number four on my list. We'll sometimes those stories are part like you don't need the have anything outside of that box. Just a nice wholesome movie that you can enjoy there. There are multiple different types of film and that have many different stories. So you can excel at this story and be more than just labeled as a child's movie right and the number three on my list. I think some people I can make the same argument with this. People will hear this and think it's a little ridiculous but it's John Chapter Three Para Bellum and I think with movies. There is kind of a stigma with action. Comic Book Horror John Wick knows what it is. And it's a franchise that has gotten better with every movie. I mean one was such a surprise when we saw this Keanu Reeves. The title was a little stupid John Wick and then it came out. And he's fucking massacring the entire New York state and John with three like I said It knows what he wants to be and it does it so well. KIANA raises their different types of movie stars. There's the Leo who's known for the drama's kind of classic Hollywood. Then there's the action star like the Rock Arnold Tom Cruise. And then there's that that eastern foreign star the Bruce Lee's the Jackie Chan's jet Li's Keanu reeves is kind of becoming like our version version of that he's synonymous with the character John Wick. He's becoming a legend as these movies. Coming Out And also I mean the acting in this is great McShane as Winston Holly Halle Berry the new introduction to the John World that sequence the fighting sequences the choreography in this movie. It just kept getting better. The knife fight was fucking the knife. Fight the fight with Autobahn Bovin. Yes the dogs. The motorcycles the horses when he knew how to hit the horse of that they would kick kick the bad guys that was like the law also to the way that they've created this little underground steriods world this elegant assassin society where there is a structure their rules there's currency Everyone what has a a distinct niche job. It's I love this universe. Remember lead up Seth Film. Everyone wanted to know like what's the deal with the horse. How did you get the horse or is it going with the horse? It's on the horse and he shoots the Ninja area. I mean he's on a horse. He's got guns he's got swords it's Kiana is such. I mean he's become an icon this year right. This has been the year of of Kiana two thousand nineteen but he has such a passion for this type of film. No such an appreciation for it and for this franchise to be in his hands at this late stage in his career. I just feel so happy for him. No I think you said it best. I mean it is an action film but it is one of the best of the general. Yes so I mean you know a lot of Maybe old school cinna files might be like. You can't just for what it is. You can't put John Wick above. Let's say A married Aria marriage story or something like that. It's just I mean. Would you rather the best action movie or the Tenth Best Drama. It shouldn't shouldn't matter what Johner it is. It's just you do. You know what you're doing and you excel at it kind of like mission. Impossible s year fallout. It's one of the best movies of all time because there's an action movie and it's a a fifth chapter in a franchise doesn't mean or sex right and there was yeah no six. There was a lot of momentum a lot of people. It's so funny because the it's those group of people that just just look down on these movies because you look at the Ron Tomato scores for morals well. Most critics love these movies. But they're never gonNA find their way on those those best of lists those year end lists but there's also this idea that every movie has to be a poem I think that's what Mark Ellis said comedian worked for collider. He's like not every movie V. has to be a poem sometimes. I just WanNa know what's going on in like cut like parasite you know it's A. It's a very fun narrative you can follow it. You're surprised by it. It's clever you enjoy the writing but this from a from a technical standpoint the fight choreography the way that it's paste the action to me. It's it's near flawless. And that's why finds itself at number three and the number knbr to will be on my list little woman movie that we already talked about. It was also on your list and yet I didn't read the book going into this on my had heard of the book. But you know it's been done so many times with like how good could it be now kind of contrarian but it's very good Apparently it's a story with a lot of potential and Greg. She makes movies. That are the she's telling real stories but they're like dreams. Lady Bird was like a dream that I felt that I've lived with my family and this is well. I mean the lead character. Sherzer Ronin lead character trying to follow her dreams trying to break through that glass ceiling feeling and just the parallels of Greta. GERWIG not being nominated for best director delivering one of the most critically acclaimed best movies of the year but yeah the performances are fantastic I think I forgot to mention Saul Saul Goodman. Yeah Meryl Streep just hiding you know. They've got gems just hiding throughout Chris. Cooper like you said the scene with the piano I broke down. And it's just such a simple elegant subtle scene and the emotions that she rips out of you with her films. She's incredible. It really was just a great experience like sitting arching this movie A little bit of everything comedy. Heart warming heartbreaking and at the end of the day is kind of inspiring. Yes Oh yeah definitely shall to at this guy. He's off to some start to his career Goodman. I Dunno people talk about them enough now if they don't think filter hates a film twitter yeah. You're sleeping all challenges is nonstop talk about Timothy Shalah all the time. It's cool to see because he's like I Dunno I see him as the new deal not that he looks the same or that. He's a similar actor. But but it's that heartthrob where you could tell. This guy does have that talent. This guy is going to be a leading man and he's another one just picking great supporting roles. I don't have to be believed there. Can I can play the supporting in Greta. GERWIG movie and it's also it just overall it's been such a great year for up and coming directors so many directors are on their second or third film and they're delivering a great movies that that will stand the test the time that are being critically acclaimed and also the old guys too. I mean Tarantino Scorsese a lot of the veterans of comeback. Now it's kind of like a little contrast contrasts air where you have like Tarantino and Scorsese you know studios on come to them. They go to like they have an idea back. You right so It's interesting to see the new who generation of directors that are will eventually after their second third or fourth film where people realize. Okay they can make anything and they're going to get it back and they're gonNA get anyone they want in their film ELM and they're just GONNA be able to create their vision so it's Kinda Nice seen like a bunch of directors start and I think we got a lot on this year Greta Gerwig Taika with td Just to name a couple apple safeties. Hager's astor I'm looking at our. Listen the ages. Some of the ages for these directors people in their thirties. It's really encouraging all right yeah. I guess we're up to number one right. Yeah you number one for me. The White House Robert eggers fantastic film. This is I hope one of the Yeah I put it number one. Yeah see number one. I talk a lot about theater experience. This was just mesmerized by this film. I remember UH leading up to this movie had black and white one two one aspect ratio and kind of like. What are they trying to do here? It's just a gimmick or whatever but that next that blend with the story they're telling is it's mesmerizing. Yeah it was perfect it it kind of I remember I was watching the film and the fall monologue about the lobster and he kinda disappeared and blended with the the black background and the screen and it just made is like haunting experience for me. I just saw like nick. Parts and Features of his face on the screen and it was like it was coming out. It was wild. I think that was a brilliant choice by cinematographer and Eggers to incorporate. Great that into this film because it fits it so well and just the story itself the fallen patents in just two men slowly going insane while knee as audience member slowly going insane watching movie. Take place We talked about the Irishman. How it was the quickest three and a half hours of my life? This I felt like I was in theater for days. But that's usually. That's not a good thing with this. I was like I wanted to be there for a week bright. I just didn't want it to end by the time I was over. I'm like what what what years it I just took. You took you a while to be like kind of snap out of it and it was to who are the best performance of the year got no love. I think only the Cinematography Oscar NAM which deserves. But I think at the very least dafoe served a nomination when he's getting buried alive and he's delivering his lines fall asleep in his mouth. Who does that? He's at a couple of good deer stew man at eternity skate last year. The Florida project the year before. It kind of seemed like he was due to get a win right. He's getting nominated in these films that no one really knows Now the lighthouse. I think might not have gotten too much commercial success but I feel like this could have been the one for in the breakthrough. Yeah I I think we all thought it was good to be default for this movie. This movie may not get the best pitcher NAM may not get writing and other acting knobs but default definitely and yet his both both of them Pattinson keeps Pete keeps putting people on notice that are doubting him badges began filming. But he's another one he's been in the indy circuit. He's been making the rounds building up his resume. And I think at times coming Netflix. Soon so check that out or check it out and he's been phenomenal. These and an eggers talked about it. Numerous is but just again I mean he is becoming one of the biggest names. In Har along with Ari and it's I can't wait it to see what he does. Next watchmen and usually with hard. I never thought I would say that. But and it's not even like horror it has elements to it but I I think good horror. What draws me to these two filmmakers movies is that it blends so many different elements of other John Rouse John Ross? John Ras into their films. You don't like the garage remake for the eighteenth time no but nobody likes clever. Be something different. Like some uniqueness to it like the first grudge and not just make you know I mean slasher slashers even horror sub genre of trash. Well they don't even come out anymore so there was. I mean there's some great ones there are great but yeah that's a drawn. Most of them are here. See when wes Anderson said he wanted to make a horror movie I thought slasher. That'd be the best way to go for him but he would do a great job of blending other genres who slash. That's what you need to do with the owner and Teddy. Will Roy Moore a lot of time. It's like four million dollars. Let's make two hundred million yes people will not even that it's like five million will make fifty million but that's still will call it a yeah pocket that money and just make happy death. They tend not a ED business..

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