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There to cover it. Tom leykis show. Because when the unthinkable happens you want Tom, Gary, Dino, and Mike dedicated to being the broadcast of record when the crazier goes craziest. We're ready. Make sure you are with the Tom leykis app. The Tom leykis show because the world doesn't end just every day support the Tom leykis show. Oh by using our Amazon dot com. Links to do your everyday shopping. You know, you'll be shopping Amazon anyway for the low prices, whether you're at home or at work, why not pay the same low, Amazon prices and support your favorite show at the same time. Amazon offers super low prices on books, clothing appliances music, just about anything, you can imagine. And we get credit every time you click on our Amazon licks look for the Amazon better at our website blow me up Tom dot com or click on the shopping cart icon to shop Amazon on our brand new Tom leykis show app. Tom leykis show. Thank you for tuning in. It's money Monday. One three thousand Tom com. No one three thousand. Six six thank you for tuning in. Thanks for being part of the program. As you all know. Towards the end of this month. That is the end of our twenty four seven livestream one. You're listening to light. Now. Listen live. Why do next I will know I have no idea. Maybe nothing. Maybe something do something. I want you to be the first to know with the way to be the first at all. To get on our mailing list. Right now. Go to be one list dot com. That's where you go. It's simple. You put in your Email address. You've your first and last name, no initials, no suited. No names that are pawns. Sorry about that salmonella and dandruff you're not gonna be considerably across this. Yes. Dandruff. No. Now without a birth certificate attached to it. Proving today. But yeah, if you're on the list, I'll send you a newsletter. I'll keep informed about what's new in the world of Tom leykis. Which will include? I might tell you. It will include. Any anything about the podcast? We're doing we're going to be doing some podcasts after the livestream has done by make any appearances anywhere. That's all going to be included. P one list dot com. He as in Peter the number one p one list dot com. Money Monday nine.

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