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And it just got worse over. The years and that injury sparked when i started feeling Numbness so it's like really it's vaginal but it's also the taurel and it's Along the left side of my mom's pubis so basically like the whole left side is just now and it's not fully now but it's it's it's not i don't feel sensations aware ought so that increased the pain increase nine years later finally found a doctor who. Oh no what's going on with you. And it turns out. I had torn cartilage in my left hip and that injury. The length of time that i had it spurred other injuries caused me to tear holes in my ligaments Grew giant bursa on the side of my head. I had an impingement. I forget what else i had. It's been a while at this point but my my whole leg was fucked up. It was just terrible. So i had surgery and the surgeon said i had the most amount of inflammation of any patient he had ever seen and the when i woke up for surgery. I oh my god it's his. It's not the pain meds. It's gone at. It really was for a couple of months and then i came back and it hasn't gone away since the surgeon said that it's probably Basically muscle memory so after having had the injury for so long My body just can't seem to figure out how to reset itself and dury's and this is important sexually is because the you don't remember that old song the hipbones can see the neighbor. Whatever yes oh i love. I love playing the riff on. This is like the the hipbones connected. See the cubic thaw. The musculature crosses from the hit flex across the pelvis. And the that's where your public floor is and a lot of people have issues with pelvic floor on one of them. It all stems from this hip injury. So i have a. What's known as a hyper tonic public floor. Which means my public floor is super super tight and causes pain unto itself. But then i also have a condition. That's very rare called poodle. Neuralgia and the pa- dental d'oeuvres comes off sacral nerve root and it has three branches. It goes into an eighth fab people's so people who were Born female signed female at birth the three branches are in the clitoris. The jonah and the anus and i had or have rather damage along all three branches and it stems from the hip injury and all of the the muscles and ligaments and everything getting all tights and the something we shouldn't seductress time something about the way. The sciatic nerve goes through the peerformance muscle. And and i don't know basically everything below the waist is kaput he And then i in addition how of dimensioned a bit earlier have a condition called. Always mispronounce this. I think it's claro denia but it might be tinier and that is when your clitorises painful and mine is painful. Have it's overly sensitive and then a have the hood sticks in one spot so it doesn't reflect all the way and that's painful and then i have little carrington growth and the rubbing of the hood over the growth leads to too much friction. It's painful wow if somebody knew how to touch your cl it in a way that didn't activate all of that is their pleasure for you. There or is there is okay. Oh god yeah but it must be a real fine balance between pleasure and pain. Yeah it is. And that's definitely part of how i've gotten involved in in king is. Where does the pleasure reach too painful. That it's no longer pleasurable. Well i know what that.

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