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Connie Laterna and today, I'm joined by sports columnists Scott Ostler and Killian Scott are in Toronto with me to cover games, one and two of the NBA finals early Friday morning, Scott and sat down with me and Scotiabank arenas lower bull to breakdown Golden State's game one loss to the rafters. An answer a pressing question to the warriors need. Kevin Durant to win the championship. We'll have our conversation right after the break. This week on not your century evil knievel, the birth of GMO food. The first Indy five hundred the British invasion. I'm king Kaufman. Join me every weekday. It's like history class, but fun and only five minutes, not your century wherever you get your podcasts. On Friday morning. Scott authored in Killian sat down with the Scotiabank arenas, lower bowl Scotiabank arena, still feel weird calling it that to me. It should always be Air Canada center, but Scotiabank arena after what was a highly entertaining game one and a lot of ways not just because of the encore performance from both teams. But one of the most raucous environments, I think I've ever been a part of what did you guys just think? What the fan base was able to to do in what was the first finals game in Canada Canadian history. Well, I'd like from the start to national anthems, and they did the Canadian national anthem. And the, the people were seeing that, that gave me chills that was spectacular. I thought the crowd was great atmosphere is great. And it's, it's a definite home. You talk about the, the worst having home court thing with their their fans. These guys gotta going. Yeah. I mean, that was basically, kind of what I wrote my whole column about was just the vibe in the city and heloc cited people are, you know, there's, you know, this was just an outpost that was kind of a place people, even forgot was in the NBA. I mean you didn't because you would come once a year, but for a lot of people is just like, really Toronto as a team, that's seems weird. And you know they they their existence. They started ninety five you know, they weren't as bad as the warriors were doing that long stretch with only one playoff appearance, but they were pretty. They had pretty futile years. And now peeler just like so fired up. And so.

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