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Know them browse ian john henry year concerned about that is a possibility they may still go for that big bad i couldn't they need that it was great tonight the tiny and lbj to get the uh check your bradley jr to get that uh homeowners to crush where i sit beautiful but i think they fill meet that back because you know they have struck she's ill wonder fuel eludes if you want all that and uh i think it's the taking with the pitching comey back harsh who smith probably see in at the end august released hambur uh but it can't which shocked at think just batted through just a way yeah your comment who who was the player had a particularly in mind from from the mets 'cause lucas duda he's with the raise now right right if you have a kid i put my mind but if twenty semi launch and it came to try it they attract uh as it is a jay bruce jape world bank you okay and he made it through a wave a wire so our no one at claimed them so the red sox with other teams can negotiate with that so that's a good thing just just thought i would that get you a day player double a player from our organization may you did get him i i think are back uh great tonight but overall uh i if we were shut out this year wet nighttime yeah it's it's been a lot there's there's been some frustrating games for sure at it it it has been in stocks me on all the ears but i can't i i think if we can get a decent back because let's face it even apply either mentioned several times this year that david ortiz unfortunately are left in uh you know i just feel war cooperative we had to back or a fillip thanks for the phone call i will say this say it as far as the reports go on hanley ramirez it's a classic daytoday situation i believe is what john farrell said before the game today so you're hoping that hanley's not gonna have to go on the disabled list i the other thing is that dustin pedroia's set to come off of the deal on tuesday all sides are pointing to put droid being able to join the club on tuesday so you're gonna get him back.

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