Tons of food delivered to families on Pine Ridge as part of COVID-19 relief efforts


This is national. Native News Antonio Gonzales, running strong for American, Indian Youth has delivered twenty two tons of food to families on the Pine Ridge Reservation in south, Dakota as part of Covid nineteen relief efforts boxes with fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains have been delivered across the reservation field coordinator Dave Lone elk says accessing food during the pandemic has been of concern with stay at home, orders and recent lockdowns of the reservation. To some of the local grocery stores within hours distances. Are you know it's far between when we're having a hard time getting there to get the groceries, and so we're left with the few grocery stores that are on the reservation which tend to be. Around four grocery stores, but when you're dealing with the. reservation full people right around ten thousand you know. RUN, out of out of stock, running strong also distributes clothing has heating and water programs along with providing other seasonal assistants. Reach out, and we help each other. If we have extra, we give that. Toby determine well. How much we get to each other, not how much we approve, and so you've been doing very good in our efforts. Several Cova nineteen orders remain in place on the reservation, including stay at home and nightly curfews as of Tuesday. There were twenty-six positive cove nineteen cases on the Pine Ridge reservation according to the Oglala Sioux tribes. Cove Response Task Force. The Rosebud Sioux tribe wants to create the largest native American owned managed Bison Herd in North America Seth Tupper was South Dakota public broadcasting has more with Zepa. Has a big vision for Bison. On the Rosebud reservation. He wants to build a herd of fifteen hundred animals and processing facility to provide food and economic development for tribal members. He says now is the perfect time for the project. The COVID nineteen outbreaks at packing plants and meet shortages and stores have consumers looking for different ways to get their food we we've always felt that our work was around. It will self sufficiency and. You know empowering families and doing good by people, and in the world in the environment, and we've always felt that work was important but I. Think what has happened with the coronavirus pandemic is that the world has told us that that our work is not only important, but that it is urgent little elk is CEO of the Rosebud Economic Development Corporation with help from the World Wildlife Fund. Fund, the corporation plans to convert cattle pastures on the reservation to a bison range of forty square miles. The Development Corporation will get excess bison from the Interior Department which manages a number of herds including those in national parks. Little Oak says the grass-fed Bison will be killed and slaughtered humanely. Basically what that Games is treating Buffalo Buffalo in not treating them like cattle. I, they'll replace cattle. Cattle fences with bigger sturdier fences for Bison. The first animals are scheduled for delivery. This fall and a feasibility study for processing plant will begin soon for national native news I'm Seth Tupper in rapid city South Dakota some native candidates running for Congress. When Tuesday's primary election unofficial results show, the Shoshoni tribes congratulated tribal members. Rudy Soto Impala Jordan on social media Tuesday night after Idaho's election Jordan. Jordan seeking to serve in the US Senate and so two in the house. Both are Democrats in New Mexico Congresswoman deb Haaland Laguna. Pueblo did not have a Democratic challenger in the primary. She'll seek another term Yvette. Herald Cherokee nation won the Republican nomination for us. House seat to other native candidates in New Mexico who ran for Congress lost Republicans Lisa Martinez and Gavin Clarkson I'm Antonia

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