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We'll get some lights, by the way, I told you guys in the group, but that episode is actually on TV above me. And the no part isn't even the funny part of that Saint the funniest part of the scene is when Jim is bathing him to go back in. See? Toby's back in and Steve curl deliver some good lines. Like dare I Jim at funny. That's why the show is funny. Not because he's shouting. No. And it turned into your the quickest search on Gifty India. I I don't know. People don't understand it requires a real settle since of humor to office the autism. Restore superstar the officer so different to. That's why. Superstore fucking not love superstar does watching last night. I think Marcus might be one of my favorite like Tetra airy characters he looking cracks me up every time. He says anything can I say one more thing about the office. Like, I know we give it a lot of shit. But it was pretty revolutionary for when it came out. And it's still Larry. Is still is a very good show is still very funny. But especially at that time like win it came out like along with shows like scrubs, like, they broke the mold for the single camera sitcoms with no laugh track and opened up a lot of different funny shows we see today. So like, I got to pay respect to the history of television. But also at the same time as I like superstar more I love superstar. I still think it's better than like most comedy shows that come out nowadays. But a decent margin hilarious will the first five seasons are fantastic. I didn't like season one. And I also didn't like the last since they retooled Michael Scott a little bit after the first couple episodes yet big town. They did the same thing with the Leslie note as well. Oh, man, the first season of parks tough. Yeah. For veasley. The worst easily the worst season out of the house whole series. I'm gonna go. I'm going off his gift users, really. I think the blue check requires get the ship eat out of them. I agree. Just think numbers are so much in their favor. I just think the blue I think I think I guys just so today ships figure this way real it would basically be I don't know how many people would take. But they still have to fight both Kratz Stine brothers. That's impossible. Those guys are yoked. That's taken the reply guys. Yeah. You know, what I'm with you. Switch. I'm what about what about tick tock reply guys that just you? That's only me. I'm only when the response Donald Trump with with tick talks, apparently so far I mean. Yeah. Remains to be seen. If anyone else will pick up the trend. But I think I might just take the crash scene. Brothers versus anybody on Twitter period. Fucking jacked. This is the last one this is the best one, and I need to credit Troy still there. Sometimes I zone out and did the same pose which makes your your camera. Black Dowd's, speaking sure, I need to get the name of the person who suggested this one shit. Where is it? Let's see get movie fights. Come on. Come on read it. I wear red are slash lights camera podcast. Good place to interact with us and suggest things the perfect desk of this his name on his or her name on a red. It is Duff man. Underscore says underscore O underscore. Yeah. Man. The Sarlak pit from Star Wars the pit in the middle of the desert with the beak after the special editions and the spikes in the long tongue head monster versus Golden Globe winner Brian bay who would win in a fight Brian May with all of his music rights and guitar or of the fucking played. He played deeply base. I actually don't fuck. He's a good guitar, but it's very very talented better at he's better at bribing people with his vast fortune of money. So I'm gonna take Brian make deal pay like an entire legion. Of bounty hunters to dues dirty work for him. I. Taking Brian May..

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