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We come back. We're back gonna give you and i are here. Who's weird here as salat going on outside so again like we definitely will trial best to make it here tomorrow but if not you know we got to replace because they say. It's going to be isis after ten o'clock six o'clock nine o'clock tonight all the way into the morning gonna wake up. There's going to be skating. We're going to call and and that's a lot so we keep guys notified but we definitely appreciate us a motivational monday. Motivated me February two fifteen twenty twenty thirty eight minutes after the hour. Welcome back tom. Flying a great show so far today we really appreciate you guys for supporting this movement. Each and every day we are going to shout out the chat room. But we're not going to do it and less. I see some hearts in the chat room. Look over towards two parties monitor a little bit. So when i see a heart then i'm gonna start this weird equipment front of me. I can't see the chat room at the moment because it ain't built for that now. So i'm going to glance over the barbie. I wanna see some hearts in the chavan. We want to show you guys all the loved this morning because without you guys we wouldn't be. We appreciate the time that You guys spend with us whether it's a few minutes or like the whole duration of the show. I want to say thank you in another thing i want to say is please Download their fm radio app. John cochran good dude down in atlanta. He's originally from new york. He has his own internet radio station down there. And he's doing very well with his Radio station and we just so happy for him and we are aren't at that he plays this petitio on his own his internet station every morning. So i want to say thank you know. We need to support each other. And that's what we're doing here so please if you new to the show Please a download. The radio app we both had barbie. Has it a most folks in the chat room have it. I have a here on my phone and we listened to trickier every on saturday from eight pm to ten pm for back to basics but they have a whole realm of shows over there so please put the fan radio app movement and this is a young black man as doing his thing very easy about what he does. He loves radio and he articulates that through his business. Now a ceiling rooney over comedy worldnet radio. She plugs us in throughout the country. I won't show the download that app to these are. This is another young lady in the radio business for years and years and she loves radio she. Chris was not really into all this facebook stuff. And i'm with you crystal. I get it But you know this this what we lived time we live in but my whole thing is That's a whole television production over their economy. Were a net network please Download that app as well. She w n this is a young wallow young lady crystal. Who know haven't seen in a while you know. She lives in las vegas. Next time i go to comedy shows out there you know for sure. We link up download data. This is a african american women. She's a business owner. She loves radio and she loves this show. She puts that working so. Please download that app as well. You know actually guys just do a lot. I just really want we all support each other. So i really would love you guys if you don't have the cw atp please download it. And also john cochran sent all time before we shut out the wrong. Keep those hearts coming house going sale. The time don't don't depend on his facebook. I mean we'd linked into it and get it but don't you know. Sometimes we wanna show shut right off right off. No warning no one then. And i i listened. I love you guys. But i don't respond or more to We're off a facebook where you guys at. I don't respond to that no more once. You download the app so if it goes off of facebook just go right to the app and you just hear us be still be going. We still be better showed us on facebook and it goes down. We still running. So i appreciate the inboxes like on shows how and i get it. Thank you but if it goes down we know that is now. We're trying to fix it. But that's windows. Apps come into play and it sounds great. Yeah i mean. I know it sounds good regardless but it really sounds is a whole 'nother level on these particular apps and i just wanna go on and talk about it because we need to support each other. Absolute also run over there with rome to Wfan k. All day Open house That's every saturday from twelve noon. To three pm is easy app to download. You're wrong pays if you go to all these pace but if you go to rome's facebook page if you friends with him you just go right to his page and he has a right in his comment box. This time you just press the late and you're right on the show they have. He's a number one. Just a straight radio guy. Yeah radio guys This download his app or go to his page and link right onto w advocate dot com and. Listen to rome misdeed open house. That's twelve noon to three pm. So thank you so much guys. I hope you guys this really. We're put we put these links in our group room.

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