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What's it like to drive the Volvo xc ninety plug in hybrid. The thrill of four hundred horsepower t eight twin engine. The. Joy of impromptu travis. And Serenity Of Electric Power in pure Eko, mode? visit, dmv Volvo retailer today to experience the xc ninety recharge plug in hybrid for yourself. Hello Everybody Jamie from the Bhakta cast here to talk about one of my favorite fashion companies of all time. It is Super Yawkey folks to you love movies and when we say movies, we mean the good movies such as the ones we cover on this podcast or the bad ones everyone told you not to like see national treasure it sounds like Super Yawkey. Is the place for you because the team at Super Yucky loves movies so much that they've dedicated every single waking moment of their life to bringing you top quality merchandise to showcase your love for them. They have super soft t shirts advocating for the immediate production of a third national treasure, which is a movement that we cosign in spite of ourselves by the way. To come sweatshirts that serve as a call to arms for those in support of making Judy greer. America's one to lead which we also cosign, and now that we're in the scariest of all, they've got stuff for all your favorite spooky movies. We're talking the addams family values, Halloween scream, and an entire collection dedicated to the one and only Guillermo del Toro. You'll notice these are all movies that we have at least covered the expanded universe of just on a personal note I love Super Yawkey so much. So Caitlin I kid you not I wear their stuff multiple times a week every time I wear my film by Nora Ephron shirt I'm rapping soubriquet every time I wear my you wouldn't steal a dvd crop top Justice Phantom, of the two thousand, four, Hulo. Sent me a the end, the ending credits of the emperor's new groove. Extremely Hon brand. They're just the absolute best. I can't say I wear my Super Yucky June Ho sweatshirt all the time everything they make is the best Caitlyn also wanted me to mention that for her birthday this year both me and her mom sent her these same joined the Army Josie, the pussycats t shirt that Super Yawkey released truly they only release bangers cannot recommend their stuff enough not to mention every month Super Jaki donates ten percent of their profits to different organizations that they believe in I love that. They do this they have supported the global network.

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