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You know, he took Bernardo Silva who a year ago was for however, good Bernardo Silva, wasn't his first year with Manchester City. He was basically a super sub that was pretty much his role. What depend say though, in the midst of that he will be here for seasonal season. He loved you. He'd be here as long as I'm here. He said, right? But he he's taken Bernardo Sylvan made him one of the best players in the league. You know, David Silva at times the season. We're starting to see his age. They still found a way to use him in a in a productive way. By the way, they did this. They went on this rob for the league. They won their last fourteen games. And like what was LeRoy sonic to that? Like, these are all all these names right now are on yesterday. Didn't even come on. These are all these names saying J Zeus Sanni. These are all players that if you told me they were gonna go on this crazy run through the league. Like, they did I would think these guys would have been huge parts but pep found ways to get. Everyone to just play their role. No, one guy really needed to stand out from the rest by all that much with the exception. Maybe of sterling who did have an extraordinary year. Yeah. Pet does in write the checks. You know, the money is being supplied for from somewhere else. And I can't guarantee you that they if they didn't get a lesser standard of player that he couldn't coach the halo to those guys. He is. I do believe he's that good. But it's it's it's a measure of city strengthened depth that you can take on someone like rand Maras and not play him in a league game since the first week in April, and he pops up with a with a wonderful goal, which really separated the sides. It put the tin hat on the result yesterday as far as final days school for a little while for a brief moment. Andrew I thought it was set up for one of those days where it gave you that little hope while when Liverpool went one nil up..

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