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Off their? John and Ken show John Kobylt Ken Chiampou Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio. APP. In the middle of the pandemic, an isolation story popped up connected to yoga pants. I'd forgotten about this is back in June. LAPD officer, but they move Matthew Garcia. Sued a lawsuit claiming he'd been sexually harassed by a long time adviser. To Garcetti. We had fun with this one on the story broke. He made crude sexual comments in untouched Garza inappropriately and Garcetti laugh. That's the allegation of Garza who worked the mayor of security detail. Now. All the detail for years and claims that this behavior. He had to endure for years and he he claims sometimes it happened Garcetti's presence and Garcetti apparently did not care about the Hus- style work environment when you consider Mr Progressive Mayor Yoga Pants. Who I'm sure though I can't remember everything he said after the me too long. It's like you know employees you have to endure type of we have a special hotline dedicated you call. If you feel like you're being subjected to unwanted behavior, they're all fakes and phonies the latter they lecture the more dirt they have in their closet. And Garcetti he's got. He's got. Dirt in there. Yeah. Well, the guy's name is Rick Jacobs and the update today is that the city of La is going to fight this lawsuit. Aggressively apparently. And I guess 'cause Garza rather because while they're both city employees still extent is because the city has a lot of tax money to us and you try to bury the the he's just a cop he doesn't have that much money has guys are going to compete financially against the city and What they want do is get this thing thrown out before there's testimony in court or too many depositions that really nail. Matching if Garcetti under oath. Has, to tell. Whether he heard all this or not and laughed at it or not, and if he doesn't tell the truth, he commits perjury. Now. These were supposedly incidents that took place on road. Trips. Arizona New Hampshire I guess Garcetti thought he was going to be president. Repeatedly of so according to Garza, Jacobs inappropriate comments talked about sex. Hugged him. Massage shoulders wouldn't leave him alone basically although this looks like a five year period. And they're saying that he never He said that the city is saying plaintiff alleges these incidents occurred since twenty fourteen yet plaintiff never reported such alleged conduct to the city. Plaintiff should've taken advantage of procedures to address sexual harassment in the workplace. By this Jacob, Guy? He's on the board of directors of the Mayor's Fund for Los. Angeles and we've talked about these funds haven't we? Oh Yeah. Nonprofit that raises money for Garcetti backed cause. Betcha. There's a lot of real estate developers who you contribute to the mayor's fund, and then when the contracts go up to build those seven, hundred, thousand dollar palaces but the vagrants. Oh did he contribute to the Mayor's Fund Rick? Please tell me wreck. Would you put your pants on? Yup the back door way for access to make political donations to a candidate your..

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