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Player they wouldn't be there. Yeah no that's the great part about this game. You can be rainy. Johnson six ten and you can be jose altuve ian an mvp and the big leagues a monkey beckmann heavy peanut. Big like you know now. Bregman and pedroia. Mvp they this game caters to know kuna junior. Who's a star disguise. Five ten and so. It's the one thing with this game that you could. You could play a high level and it doesn't matter how big your i you know. Analytics are great. We learn every we have more information and all sports golf whatever it is but we do forget to watch the game. This game special. There's so much going on. There could have been a big night last night. There could have been a bad sleep the day before. You can't judge that kind of stuff. So the human factor of your eye tests like you're saying when you're talking about last year's world series as an example of blake's now gets taken out of the game with sixty six pitches facing the dodgers and he struck out the three guys getting ready to see six times. They've all strung out twice but the analytics already set at one o'clock that day you're not facing the dodgers lineup. Third time around. Well that's where. I have an issue. And you mentioned 'cause my eyeballs are saying nobody's hitting blake sale at night. He might have thrown a nine inning. Complete game twenty strikeouts. we'll never know because analysts got in the way of that decision and that's when we have issues in my my opinion the eye test is the greatest thing watched the game. And then you can use the information when needed. I completely agree with you. And this is one story that i found absolutely fascinating as i was prepping for this interview. You were actually sold to the japanese league tunisia dragons before boston broken unwritten rule and placed a waiver claim on you. And that's how you ended up in boston. Tell me what on earth happened there kevin. It's amazing because feel epstein was a twenty eight year old. Gm for the first time. Okay in two thousand three and this has never happened in the history of baseball. Was that when you basically get non tender by the marlins you have to go through waivers. Which all twenty nine other teams get a chance to get you usually. If you're going overseas. I agree to a two year deal with the issue dragons and usually as you're going overseas no one's ever claimed anybody because you're not gonna hurt anybody and let's get real clear. I wasn't very bonder. Sammy sosa definitely a little player with the florida. Marlins so hey. Kevin have a good time in japan. Feel claimed me off waivers so it was the first time it's ever happened. Well now no one knows what to do. I had agreed a two year. Deal that at that time you know with a lot of money. Because i've been buying my whole life so it's like a two year contract with mike. Not this is awesome now feel and the red sox claimed it was a six week battle because now japan change drags. Didn't well let me out of this verbal agreement and then the red sox they were stay with me so john henry who's the owner of the red sox owner with the marlins beforehand so there was a little bit of relationship but larry lucchino was looking at like. Let this guy go. If feeling these guys they fought with me and stay with me. And i ended up going to the deal. Vialli's it was valentine's day two thousand three february fourteenth. I had i had to do Fort myers florida and red sox and it was you know. Thank goodness best decision ever made. Or i'm on still being japan to playing baseball at forty nine and you'd be hitting thirty home runs at age forty nine over there too. You know the very next year after this whole ordeal you win a world series. The red sox break the curse of the bambino with an unforgettable two thousand and four series. You've ever just find yourself just sitting at homer whatever leaning back out and you think about that season yeah i. It's remarkable because when you say that think about nine hundred ninety seven. The marlins won the world series. That year i was player of the year as a minor leager. Okay so for non-draft guy. That was a big deal. Okay usually they call you up in september. They didn't jim leyland. These guys were going for this wild card. And i totally get it. They win the world series. We were the guys that come up. Ninety eight with the marlins right now. I leave after the two season with the marlins go to boston. And three marlins win the world series in two thousand three when josh beckett through an amazing game against the yankees in game six and shut him out. I believe To win the series but that was the bartman situation in chicago and then an only three. That was aaron. Boone hits a home. Run the rains and beaches in game. Seven yankee red sox so i was thinking the curse marlins won the world series ninety seven and two thousand three. I go to the boston. Red sox in two thousand three and that whole thing happened and cubs red. Sox are supposed to be. It ended up being yankees in in marlins and then thank goodness gracious. Oh for talk. Nation came back down three games. That is kevin millar. First baseman played twelve seasons in the bigs won a world series as of the oh four red sox team as you just heard him talk about. And he'll be playing the american century championship. In lake tahoe. July seventh to the eleventh alongside other athletes such as joe thighs meant aaron rodgers. Patrick mahomes charles. Barkley and john smoltz. Kevin was a pleasure having you on getting to pick your brain and reminiscent a little bit with you. Thanks so much for taking some time. Have some fun in town and we look forward to checking it out. Appreciate pray for birdie. Let's go now. We we definitely will. Maybe get paired up with charles and you'll you'll look like you would be right now japan. So what will hope for birdies. Long straight jazz for your calf take care. You bet. Fake i appreciated. That is kevin millar. I'm dominic purcell wrapping.

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