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Clubhouse. Gary works with them to walk. Hey, Jed wants to see you. Hey, man, they want to see you upstairs. Hey, man, there's a call for you from the front office. These guys are going to start moving quick. I've got to ask Anthony Rizzo there is there like this like a guillotine hanging over the door, And as you walk it, boom, you're done. I really want to know that and Danny, guess who just texted me. Feel I've seen no Uh, Ryan Sandberg? Nope. Doug Glanville. Was going to guess him next. Doug Glanville just texted me and said, might be time for me to move back into a McDonald's parking lot for people that don't know what that means. So in 1997 Waddell and I are hosting together down the dial at W. G. M. The Cubs started 16. And they play. They played the Marlins. I think who were really good without lighter and all those guys. Kevin Brown, I think was on that team. Wasn't that his name? Kevin Brown. That really sure? Yeah. And then they had to play the Braves with Maddox and Glavine and Smaltz and Avery so they come home their own six They're going to play. The Rockies were just all right. And I said Got a great idea, Tommy. Great idea. We're going to take the keys to the W. G. M Phan van. We're going to drive it up to Wrigley. We're going to park at the McDonald's parking lot across the street. We're going to live in there. Until they win a game. Fully believing. They'll win a game over the Rockies. The Rockies aren't that good and we're at home. All of that. Well, to make a very long story short. Tommy said To me, you're going to do what I'm like. No, we're gonna know I'm not doing that. So I did it with my great intern at the time, Steve Buckman and we went up there. Pull the fan van into the McDonald's parking lot. And fat cap. Had a really good time because they gave me carte blanche. I can just walk behind that. The counter at McDonald's and eat Whatever I wanted. I was cooking people breakfast back there. Will await you. Never. I've heard this story before. But I never heard carte blanche in McDonald's. Yes. So you would just walk back and take big Macs and fries and whatever I want to just help myself like what was the average daily? It wasn't Joey Chestnut like, but it was a lot of your regular competitive food. Either. There would you eat it three times a day. Oh, absolutely. Yeah, no question. I went back there and made pancakes. Eggs. Lunch on me. Let me try a triple cheeseburger. I know you don't have it on the menu, but I'm going to try one. Yeah. Ernie was the owner. Ernie was a great dude, he said. You can park that thing in my parking lot as long as you want. And then I made friends with some comment, Guys. They came by people were coming by. They had to get security because the drunks and the bars would rock the van at night. Yeah. And the vans are rocking. Don't come in. Not exactly. It's their own six. And so the people that apt electronics and blend you Ricky Apted company they sent a T V. How are you going to plug a TV into a van? The guys from comments and we got you. They wired the TV power source into one of the street lights. Yes. So now I got TV. Then. Walter E. Smithe furniture. They brought a Oriental rug. One of those massive rugs. And a recliner. At a table for the T V. So I got the whole setup going out there. So you were living a life of luxury, actually. Was it luxurious, but Well, they went Oh, and 14. Was there for eight. Freaking games. Yes. You go back and look at some of the gut wrenching losses. And then a rain out in New York. I think it was So Doug Glanville just texted me said Dude might be time for you to move back into the McDonald's parking lot. Now The McDonald's isn't there anymore because they built the hotel, but we could figure something out. So what do you want to do? Let's do something. Why don't you pitch a tent in like one of the beer gardens at Bernie's? Bernie's is right across the street. Of course, you mean literally or both. Why don't you pitch a tent in the beer garden at Bernie's and live there, do the show from there until they went again. They're going to win in the next week. I mean, like, how long do you think you'll really be out there? Or you could grow your hair back until they went again. Don't change your clothes until they went again. Which is hard for you because it's like three or four wardrobe changes a day. Okay, Mandy, um I don't know. There's got to be something I can do. I mean, I was there for the 14 start that Just torpedo the 97 season. I mean, it was literally Oh, and 14. So do I recreate this What do you think? Get Mike Thomas on the phone and find out Can I broadcast from somewhere in Wrigleyville with today's technology? And live up at the ballpark. I think you just give up Twitter until the coast win again. Bingo. That's it. What do you know? Chance you lived in a van for eight days. Now you won't give up Twitter until the Cubs win again. No. No, no. Why not cash cause I got to do my recaps, No. Sources close to me say when you were living in the van, you went up to a rooftop to take showers. That's correct. So you were basically just like living the life. Well, let's not act like that was tough for you. And I'm sleeping on the killer of avail. All fat cap. So you admitted back then you didn't care what you ate fat cap Had you were in have access to any McDonald's. You want every day where you want it right? Three meals a day in a van. No doubt you snuck a Sunday every once in a while TV dessert. Shower Mcflurry. People are stopping by to see you like we all know you, cap you like the attention like people thinking that this is a cool thing. I raised $25,000 for needy kids. Fun. Yeah, like list. Let's not act like it was tough. It wasn't easy, Danny. Okay? It was not easy. And then I knew I wasn't you at any point did at any point Did you contemplate calling it quits? No. So it wasn't that hard. It's true story. It's like the team got back in town. I think it was that they were leaving town who is the middle of the freaking night? Open up the door. That's Jim Riggleman. Jim Riggleman, the manager. And I'm like, Hey, Riggs. What's up? I don't know how long you're going to be out here because we suck. I'm like. Oh, God. Help the vote of confidence, boys. Yep. Doug Glanville came by. He's playing on the team. Yeah, it was bad man. Regulars bad. It's like I brought you a pillow and blanket because you may be here a while. That might be what I asked Rizzo give up Twitter until the Cubs win again. Know? What do you mean? No, Come on. It's not. You have no faith that the Cubs can win a game. It's not that I enjoy being on Twitter. Bernie's just reached out to me. The beer gardens. All yours say the word. No, they didn't. Yeah, they did. I got a guy. Johnny Paddock. He's there. He's ready. The beer gardens yours. Okay. Where am I sleeping in the beer in the tent. I'm going to sleep in the tent this weekend in a tent this weekend with my kids in the backyard. Why.

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