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One wearing a yellow surgical mask. I had made sign on his back reading. Caution I have the corona spray. Lysol helping the the items clothing and produce Juliet police say Walmart estimates seventy three hundred dollars worth of produce was lost. The cleanup was more than twenty four hundred ends dollar. I saw according to these customers confronted the men still. They got away and were last seen leaving the parking lot and a white GMC Yukon Authority. Already say they don't believe anyone at the Walmart was exposed to the coronal boxes. So I just you know it really got me. Was this image image of him with a tape. Don't sign I have grown a virus. It's like look at this. You didn't even know that the help rank process behind that. They think it's funny before they leave the house like it's so lame as the thing. Yeah did they record it because they must have been for you too. Yeah must've been as the prank. You still spraying everything with Lysol. It doesn't that's already like an issue before doing the corona virus stuff. I think the problem. What is Li- saw as an anti infective entertaining so yeah so you're not supposed to eat that on apples for thick so The promise that you got these these really dumb people that Wanna put videos news on Youtube. They're just so dumb they don't know about idea man. That's you know that's to me. That's one of the saddest things where like obviously these guys like that was so fucking dumb. And it's pathetic. I just I feel bad that anyone would. I just makes such a pathetic decision like they must I mean I think you can really unpack unpack. That they must have their loved. Yeah have to be in love to go into a grocery store and do that radio did you do that. Ah I can't get over the interview with that guy again. Yes there's phases so dead so he's watching wearing a beanie but yes oh shut up to him. I resent that it seems like he probably enjoys this in some way though. Yeah and he has talked about it. I love how he goes. I may have like. He's trying to be all legal bro. It's the aftermath aftermath. What Potok says look at supposed to be really hard for a fight from province I might have said this is is the capital. The lawyer said I don't feel too. Well what made you WanNa do that. Well it was It was really just to create a viral video. Think he's confessing so it's weird forthcoming. It seems like a whole rescue. He's confessing to the police or something. It was a separate interview before this one. I think it was that night where he's in his hotel. Hal Room and very briefly. I think he's like Dad. Opens the door and clear and he says like off camera like they just came in as in like the media's just in here that's why I'm talking talking to them it's like no you let them be happy because alleged so many people just don't have the long term thought process for some of this this shit say what do you expect. The long haul is going to be for you here. You know. You're the corona virus prank. There's your week of notoriety. There was there was one Youtubers youtubers who did a plane prank. That went all wrong. But what did they do. That's when they beat the guy up on American United Airlines so that was not them but there it was related to some What he's calling bomb or something? He's an Arab dude. He was doing a terrorist prank. And then and didn't wait until he was trying to pass it off like he didn't say anything he was just kicked off the flight. Ride on video. What I like is world talking about it and it took a second to even remember? Remember what he did. I don't remember that it's not worth it actually is a somewhat famous youtuber although I don't remember his name he has his the kid who doesn't look dot young like to do something so stupid. Can you imagine being that his dad you just like. What have I wear aware have gone wrong everywhere? Trying to talk to him and he's going. I realized I was just trying to make a viral video. Giving you the PR answers. I dad supposedly I have Show love for you So here's another one. I don't know if you've got saw this. I love of this. I don't know what this one. Oh good so this Pta Parent Teacher Association meeting. And he's complaining about his Saen John Facing bullying and racism a Mexican man to says that is a Mexican man. Okay well observed Yeah Stereo sound.

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