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I'm happy about that. I'm super super happy. Work as efficiently as a kid. And I I like the the so I like the autonomous. I mean, you're talking about stages of development, right right now, we're at the stage where you're almost at five years away from really reliable self driving cars, but what I like about self driving cars is. Is the is just as guarantee that at least something inside the car is paying a little bit of attention. And this is my problem with I don't know again, I will stay till you know, till till my grave. I do not know how this in any way is backsliding from the quality of driving that exists right now on the roads around here where I'm from it doesn't matter every single day. I'm on my motorcycle. I see someone who I do not take evasive action, or I'm not just at least very aware of the fact that they're texting or they're talking to somebody in the car or their disciplining their kid. These are the type of things that I'm hoping unless we want the AFC so sophisticated that texting to another car o looking at it's going to be doing all that you're going to be sitting inside this box being shipped around like an inanimate objects on the way to the place. Exact being on a flight. Well again. The flight is something I do because I can't find any other way to get across the country in that period of time. It's not like a flight because it's prohibitive now, it's going to be you can't they want to take five over Mike. The there is an effort that there's an effort from people Madryn adventures they want to shut down for anything. But computer driven cars, that's an effort. They're making. They don't want the government. I didn't say they were Madryn adventures is working with the government, not Madonna specifically. But one of their investors is making a play. And by the way source of my people like the Washington policy center who fancies themselves, very free market. And usually are they foresee this old this panacea of let's not let you actually have this physical mobility. I've just learning that there's a group of people here that I just I can't relate to and that's urbanism. I can't relate to I want to force you to come downtown the way, I want you to don't want cars we want gardens at cetera. And it's it's it's the good news is I got my place to retire to. Here's better news. It's not going to be just a self driving cars harps. You seem really into this. Every time every time we talk scooters or scooters from Amazon that are going to have an I'm not supposed to say that name of the device because it a all right? So if the bike's not the scooter, so it has a embedded in it apparently self driving cars are out now, micro mobility is in this is more urbanism. Okay. But why are we wire cities involved in figuring out if you can have electric scooters because the geography of cities and the weather patterns of cities make it not as scooter friendly. So I mean, east scooters are kind of like gremlins, you don't get wet. You can't go downhill you don't feed them after midnight. Like all that. It's kind of the same thing. You can't carry anything on them. You can't go shopping furniture one person. Not to San Francisco. I'm looking at you. That was a big problem for a while. But Portland might have figured this out on east scooters for our region. Kind of like our weather patterns and geography, maybe it's a seasonal thing. So they just release all the data from the east scooter companies that they have been collecting over the last year. And this is why Todd will. I'll never ride one one of the main things they tracked where's the highest usage? Assumed it was going to be like the Pearl district where a lot of these restaurants are in bars. Are it's not it's northeast Portland where it was kind of once removed over a river where people were trying to get around. And it just wasn't easy. Sure. At restaurants and bars, they were just further apart. So think like Greenwood Ballard, maybe you district. That's where you would have a lot of like the high point to point a waiver neighborhood not into a neighborhood or Jackley its point to point for the neighborhood. And so what they had found over the last year is that thirty five it from portlanders under thirty five seventy one percent of people that said that they Mark their age when they use the scooter because you put your credit card in already out, and they Mark you say so people under thirty five who is the biggest group that use them. Seventy four percent of those people where people of color and those incomes. They really found that people made about thirty thousand dollars a year sixty. Six percent are users of these east gooders. Those are the people that were the most attracted to them. A lot of them were also students, and it was kind of interesting. They said thirty four percent of the Portland writers and forty eight percent of visitors took the east scooter instead of driving a personal car or using Uber lift or a taxi motorists for happy. I have no problem with it. If people are doing this voluntarily have no problem with it. If people are choosing this. I have no problem with it. You might choose them at Thomas car. You have no problem with right? Exactly. But whatever problem with is people saying you need to get out of your car, you need to stop driving your single occupancy vehicle. You know, he's told you that and no one's may do that. But that's the whole design, Mike. That's the Washington State Department transportation is admitted that at least you do something healthy. According to a report riding, a motorcycle is good for you. According to it's to report from UCLA. And and and if you look a little more closely at this report, as I have there might be sort of a chance that it was actually funded by a motorcycle cop turns out, it was actually funded by Harley Davidson got a funny. Funny. But that doesn't mean the sciences inaccurate. It just means that the findings maybe our flattering. Dan. What do they found what they found was researchers observed that that the level of stress, and when they would survey people level stress in people who ride motorcycles regularly Twenty-eight percent, decrease in stress and stress biomarkers. They would actually tag them with with sensors while they were riding around. Although I gotta say sometimes it's Seattle. I would imagine mind with double increased heart rate, but not in a bad way. And that adrenaline levels is worse, focusing alertness. They would test them before. And after about their level of concentration. I would say for me that when I write when I'm on a motorcycle, the nicest thing about it the thing that I think I'm mildly. I write an all weather mildly addicted to is.

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