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On april seventeenth of that year scott had his first encounter with william france senior known as big bill before under of nascar scott had gone to rally to race the night before but the race had been rained out and it was pretty common for nascar to compensate drivers for the cost of getting to the race when it was rained out and this was particularly important to wendall scott he had no kind of financial backing or sponsorship and he didn't really have much money on his own all the other drivers who had showed up in raleigh that night were given fifteen dollars to cover the cost of their gas but inex faily who was the promoter refused to compensate scott so when scott meant france in lynchburg on the seventeenth he told him about what had happened francis shared him that from now on he was part of nascar and he was going to be treated just like any other driver and then france gave scott thirty dollars from his pocket later on in the nineteen fifty four season scott a race ahead of another driver named ward macdonald macdonald intentionally rear ended scott's car repeatedly afterward and the only thing that kept him from physically attacking scott after the race was over was that scott's friend fellow driver earl brooks physically intervened the day after this incident france sent a letter to every nascar driver saying that anyone who intentionally wrecked scott's car would be suspended but unfortunately it didn't last long scott had ongoing problems with other drivers intentionally wrecking him during races or forcing him into a wall this included an incident with drivers shorty york who rear ended scott two different times at bowman gray stadium in winston salem causing him to roll over both times neither bill france nor nascar as an organization did anything to address it apart from being a racist show of potentially lifethreatening poor sportsmanship this kind of treatment.

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