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Scandal in US history. And today one of the biggest names charged in it will turn herself. Actress Laurie Laughlin promised the FBI. She would surrender to face charges connected to her alleged half million dollar payment to get her daughters into the university of southern California as recruits for the crew team, even though her daughters didn't row US attorney, Andrew said, she and other parents charge knew what their money was by stake athletic credentials, fake, photographs bribed college officials Aaron Katersky ABC news, New York are the FAA is still refusing to ground the Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight playing even though most other countries have already done. So the plane has crashed twice in the past six months, including an Ethiopa. Indian Airlines flight this past weekend. When one hundred fifty seven people died, we're learning more about a former aide to governor Murphy accused of sexual assault that a que- key question remains unanswered who hired L Alvarez chief of staff for the schools development authority, and why did he stay there for months after Katie Brennan accused him of sexual assault. It's the one question that remains unanswered after Alvarez testified for more than three hours before a legislative committee. Examining Murphy administration hiring practices. He did say this. I stand by my previous statement that I have been falsely accused the sexual contact between myself and miss Brennan was consensual stock in Rossini's seven ten W. O ARA cops are looking for a hit and run driver who killed a pedestrian in Brooklyn. Fifty one year old man's crossing Linden boulevard and east New York around midnight when he was struck by a Jeep Grand Cherokee, the driver took off in the vehicle was later found abandoned and New Jersey is moving closer to legalizing marijuana. But one city wants no part of there will be no pot shops, growing facilities and. Brick township officials voted last night to ban sales in the manufacturing of weeds should direct racial marijuana become legal in New Jersey or arguments on both sides at a hearing..

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