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She shed, no one bird done, your, she shed shero, all really Victor. Because my she sheds burning up in the backyard is she was struck by lightning, Cheryl, Robert state farm cover. My she shed shed. She turned our shared mature hideaway Robert to tell I've buried a lot of family members and friends inside the rotunda at the state capital. Dozens of people shared stories of losing loved ones to overdose including DFL state. Senator Chris eaten who lost her daughter? The Bill that both the house and Senate are now looking at would impart provide dedicated funding to combat the crisis. The twenty million dollars would come from the pharmaceutical companies themselves. I think we're letting them off too easy to tell you the truth. They're they're making tens of billions of dollars every quarter last year more than four hundred people died as a result of opioid overdose. Death in Minnesota, Susie Joan. WCTC? Oh, let's take a look at your WC CO weather. Mostly clear skies with a low of twenty eight below then tomorrow, a cold start with a high of one below for more on these and other stories go to W C, C radio dot com. Ed, girl and heiress W C C O. Thank you. You're currently in the twin cities clear sky. It's minus twenty one degrees. Twenty five below at Saint Cloud. Duluth nineteen below Alexandria. Minus twenty nine Northfield twenty five below Twenty-three below at Rochester and in Kellogg. It's clear and minus twenty one. Let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents, you'll probably multiple law. And if anybody noticed you mow, the lawn tell people to stay off the long compare it to your neighbor's lawn.

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