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I think like like america mexico in center america we're kind of noche pots they had to lose agents coming across the the atlanta take such has been the old mets to probably had in african orientation and they had the privilege patient coming across the need him pick which would include greater and the valley and which would include the chinese and we we know there was a chinese presence because of the art of a gunner then who who wrote american discovery and it's one of those again in that had been blackballed by of the university he he demonstrated of a dozens of them goals all right there or again and a it now on their way into central america and mexico you during that period of right up to about two hundred be he when they could this this my griffin completely stop but the gumbel in he'll be crowned in in the my and culture and and some of the native american so to your point i think we have in central america in in mexico somewhat of a nothing part effect when we have different cultures coming in having in points and and here it's an important point that you're just like in at north america in mexico and then south america and then until america we really can't you talk about native america and we can talk about when group there were so many you're print groups for example of the mayan today i think there are twelve different recall different tried so we we have to be very specific i think you made this point eric when when when when you were talking about a specific try but the answer your question is yes i do believe that there is a of history in the land which is that will help to determine the origin sort of of somebody cultures and what we needed is no it's story ends our expert in up line which is it and who can help those type of this because it's not something that yeah maturity can pick on you really have to have the background but hope white dress your question eric and thank you very much route.

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