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Potassium today entrusting oh interesting nor fasting yes yes orbit us anti uh but yeah i know so what is not even debatable is that if you're talking about a sports station that has dominated this week you know for better or for worse it has been wti right w e v i doug leanne get all over w e has dominated that the conversation and when like ryan said when these guys walk anywhere everyone's like hey what are they doing what's going on hey what are they doing what's going on kirk kirk in jerry that image of them talking to brady that was a big deal kirk tactic kraft today that was sort of a big deal because you always wondering what are they talking about what controversy are they tried to put the flames out four what are they trying to talked about for the future whether they anglian for all of it it's all good good so yeah it's pretty good week for us it has been don't you think he absolutely more people heard those to houston stations fighting a weei than on their own stage right right then they did they get kicked out of euro i heard at least one cut kicked out yeah they get said before i begin the show saying this is a one in my takeaways the boston sports radio so much better than the rest of the country like that is that this came off his these two guys who were sort of radio guys in there have this radio fight there's no witty banter or anything like that they're like oh this rating or that rating in this relic who cares this none of that so i you know i think if you're gonna pick two that two elements that are in down there at the mall of america they have really really done well eds weei embarrassed to once again secondstraight year i mean we can't forget this as give credit where credit is do you remember last year we're barstools they didn't have the credential and everything else but they dog dominate did they they went out and did something with johnny manziel i think were work out or something whether i'm ray yet it had that they had the live tv show at one a m i believe llard midnight yup yup in everyone thought that that was going to like lead to something on comedy central but that.

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