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A swap. All the way through. And it happened so rapidly. Power crews were quickly in the area, and some heavy machinery also arrived in the summer set neighborhood to clear roads. In Bowie dick yullian news. It's three O 5, D.C. fire and EMS responded to a fire inside RFK stadium yesterday afternoon. At about 5 30, firefighters found smoke in the vicinity of gates C and put out the fires in the stadium's basement. Fire chief John Donnelly senior. So I know of two fires. They've been through the building and our investigators are in there. They'll look and try and figure out the cause and discover exactly what was burning. It took about an hour to put out the fire and get rid of the smoke, no injuries reported and D.C. fire says the cause of the fire is still under investigation. The call by Maryland governor Larry Hogan to have state police drop the good and reasonable standard for wear and carry gun permits has candidates in the upcoming state primary weighing in. Republican candidate for governor Kelly schulz, who's been endorsed by governor Larry Hogan, said Hogan's push to drop the language that restricts who can get aware and carry gun permit in Maryland is the right call, but democratic candidates for governor blasted the move, Wes Moore called it reckless, comptroller Peter Franco said it takes Maryland backwards on gun safety, and Doug gansler, the former attorney general for Maryland, criticized the governor for removing the good and reasonable standard without suggesting an alternative measure. Maryland primary is July 19th, early voting starts Thursday. Kate Ryan, WTO P news. D.C. Maryland and Virginia all use the same software vendor to do services related to people who are out of work or looking for work. In D.C., it's impacting scheduled payments of paid family leave benefits. According to D.C., the vendor that shut down websites of various functions in 35 states reports, no data breach has occurred, no personal information of users has been compromised, but it's unclear when the vendors issues will be resolved. So for now, the district's paid family leave benefits administration system is down, claimants are unable to file new claims, modify existing claims and schedule benefits payments hard delayed. Chrissy king WTO P news. See how the vendor outage is impacting Virginia and Maryland at WTO P dot

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