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Friday july twenty second two thousand eleven by former wwe christie member from two thousand nine or two thousand ten. John marini a regular guest lately on the show regular guest co host john it. How's it going for you doing late. Good man. No shortage of Big subjects to catch up with you on with This week with money in the bank pay per view and And then the big angle on raw on monday. I want to invite people to get on the phone lines and get your questions ready for john me. The number to call is six four six seven two one nine. Eight two eight john. I'm eager to hear because i haven't talked to you since then. What's your What's your thought on how the Specifically the pump situation with johnson played out at money in the bank on sunday night. I thought it was great. I i don't think that You've had that feeling In wrestling for for quite some time. I remember Pack tweeting it during the During the show where it almost felt like the The audiences back win W would go into the philadelphia area when he. Cw is running rampant and it just that that that feeling of anything can happen. And i wonder if if there's going to be something going down and the whole just the whole feeling for that punk match was with something that's been missing for for quite some time. What what's your reaction to the ratings Being disappointing three-point two does that does that. Cause i mean. We talked about this last week to. Does it caused a little pause in thinking. This really got a small segment offense excited but if you are feeling like this isn't for them i think that i think that there's two ways to look at it. I think from the wwe. Vince mcmahon standpoint. I think he's looking at it as people earn. Or maybe can't nolan cares about season punk. I tried to tell you guys for five years or you know I think on the other hand. I just think that people or just i think people stayed with it as long as they could and i think they just kind of felt like i'm moving on and they found whatever it was that that got them to move on majority of it is probably usc. And then. I think you know the people that that didn't go to usc a few years ago. That stuck around think i don't know where they went but it seems surprising because that that story was. I know we've discussed it in the past. Where it's you kind of you keep watching. You can't stop because you're waiting for that next moment that next and of you or hogan turn heel or or attitude era. You're waiting for that next goldman. You always stick around him. I feel like that story kind of gave that feeling again. And i think that i don't know i just wonder if people just think that they're going to be disappointed because of the products that they were they were given this kind of feel like. They're not gonna do anything with it or i think the other thing too. Is that when you've done stories like john cena getting fired and showing up the next week and then essentially really never Having a consequence to in being fired. I think that people just kind of don't anticipate you doing anything with these stories and they probably figure you know as much as maybe that shoot promo by funk. Got people to go with that real enough to get people to say. I gotta see what's going to happen. I think people just figure by next week you'll pricey park on tv again. And i don't know if you will. But i think that's probably the fearing and then. I think that when you see bunk on tv that it's just going to be all right. Well it's just another normal storyline now and i'm struggling with as i try to process this angle and the rather tepid hard data related to it and and i'm a believer in nielsen. I i believe in statistics. I believe that if you put a million or if you put a ten thousand red red red marbles into a jar and one thousand blue marbles into hr and you pull out one hundred of them. Only i think you mix them up really well and you pulled out only one hundred. I think you're going to have a representative sample. And then i really believe you can take a small sample of something and it'll represent a larger sampling nielsen. Has from stories have read done good upgrades. It's not perfect. But i think within a small reasonable variants. I totally believe to numbers. I mean it's just bad it. Just it plays out accurately. That's why they can call elections ahead of time to in most cases so that said i'm i'm not making an excuse that well apparently nielsen boxes aren't homes of cool people who aren't in the homes of people who like good wrestling maryland to people like bad wrestling or you know. I don't buy that so when i'm struggling with is if i if we accept the nielsen ratings and we're look at the pattern. I'm still i they. They were able to pop ratings when things tap people's attention now granted it's somewhat seasonal in the in that The ratings pops when they went to three eight three eight three nine three seven during a four week stretch at the nf everett and the beginning of march that was leading into wrestlemainia season. And then they dropped off one week but then they went back up to a three eight two three eight and a three five in the heart of wrestlemainia season so they can operating but the three point two. This week is right in the same neighborhood as january seventeenth. A three point three january twenty four to three three February seventh three three february fourteenth. Three point one. So it's just kind of in the range of what you expect with. Run of the mill episodes. And so that's what i struggle with is due if this brought in some fans and had to also have turned off others and i and i even think and you touched on this john the ones who are who who liked this angle. I think they like it for a reason. that is unsustainable for. Wwe to carry over week after week. If you run an angle and the only reason people are excited about it is they think it's real and then the only way for wwe to actually make money on it is two. Fold it into the storylines those people who like something because it's real by definition going to be frustrated in a week or two or three and different process. You confuse the majority of your people who don't know why co cabanas an inside reference things is talking about and they're just scared that the pedals gonna be taken away or that scene is going to be fired and they kinda disgruntled. I think you end up with a wash. And i think that's kind of what we're looking at ear wash. Yeah and you look at it. I think another thing you could do to touching on that that portion of the audience that you said that go. Who's called cabana. what are they talking about. I think that you you've confused them. Even more when you have for the first time ever And a lot of the audience that knows at least the storyline standpoint of triple h being somewhat connected to. Vince mcmahon through stephanie Heard aaa music. Saw him coming out in a suit. And you know these fans are probably the people that started watching..

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