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And one of my friends in that was a member of the hundred and first in one hundred and seventy thirty airborne did a couple of tours in vietnam talked about When he came home from last tour they told them when they were going into l. A. not to wear the uniforms and he was like the hell with ad. Excuse my language. But he's like i'm gonna wear my uniform paratrooper and he said he got spit on in l. a. x. so i'm sure At home to of our little town in massachusetts the they told him. Hey make sure you take off uniform even around here you know. Even though this year back home in the hometown you know people are very upset with the way the war's going in they ended up blaming the guys who had no blame that They weren't making any of the decisions zip to get us in or out of vietnam. They just answered their countries call. And it's it's interesting because the vietnam vets they had. They never got that. Welcome home parade and and to get back to your earlier. Point is probably what the best twenty twenty five years. That's kinda changed. Yeah i it's been very slow to change for sure. Because even when i know when when you and i were in the military in the eighties i- stove. I still felt like there was some animosity out. There towards people in in uniform certainly certain parts of the country Yohan we were. I i went through. Rotc before i i did my you know the big green machine actual trainy and we were discouraged from wearing our uniforms off off campus. And then when. I was a four door california. I mean this is in the mid eighties. you are discouraged from wearing your uniform off base because people didn't appreciate the military in your likely to get some attention drawn to that that you didn't want and it's not just the you mentioned your guy Wearing a uniform through lax then There was a very easy way to tell who was on one sardi argument who is on the other if you're man and that is that if you are in the military recently in the military your hair was cut very short and everyone else made a point to where there are harry. Their hair very long and so it was very easy to spot vets or soldiers whether they are in uniform or not. That was kind of the purpose. Because they knew that you had to keep your hair short if you're in the military and so if you if you didn't wanna be thought of as being the military you you grew your hair on and and that's what happened eddie. Hester when he walked through the airport in. Lax he was not in uniform. It says he had short hair and so they made that assumption. But as speaking. Eddie a stephen just i kinda figured you know when you mentioned that you are in the The walk training at fort rucker alabama head. He's the one who who had the story about the candidate frog. And i'm sure you looked at that story and thought i completely get that. I completely understand how all that happened. I'm just guessing role. Yes I could tell you. I went through Worn officer candidate training with one of my best friends from special forces and this guy. His name was weighed. he was a total character in. He took great delight in pushing back against attack officers. Like in your book. There's a lot of stories about the tax officers. How nasty they are in which they are. I mean i guess that's part of the deal you getting these kids straight from high school that that's probably needed with a bunch of ten twelve year vets In special forces. You know we don't wanna hear that. So my buddy. Wade was always pushing back in him in this other. Sf guy named brian. They decided when we put on punishment. Because we weren't scared enough of the tax offices They said you have to clean all the tax officers Offices so. Brian went down to the px. Magma you remember those old kodak slash falls those little square. You've you'd put on the camera to take so. Brian was a he was a. He was a demolitions expert so he wired all the tax officers desk draws with these little flash cubes were when they opened it. it would just pop the flash. I mean nothing's going to happen to him but it would just startled so. He wired all their desks. Says the next morning you know. They come in about four o'clock in the morning 'cause they would get us up about four fifteen. We're already all dressed. We went to the empty building next to us. It was straight across the tac officers. So we're all got faces planted. There are watching him in. They all command. They're shooting the breeze and then the one guy sit his desk opens it in that thing pops he sees this flash any jumped out of his tests in you could hear him constant so then he's like pulls next door open it goes off and then they're all sitting there. They're all laughing about it where we were shocked. We thought they'd be angry. They're all laughing and they're like oh your desk in watching it. They're open. It is something flashes and then one of the last deaths and they had a fake rat-trap with the big rat in a guy that everyone hated the most and they were all up a rolling on the floor so we you know like okay comes formation time for pt. We all walked outside in that night. Just sat there for like five minutes not saying a word just staring at all of us because we always in the same spot in the formation. No they never argued a word about it like you know if they just sit that Staring at us and then as we are going to. Pt one of the officers. I was one of the road godsey. He comes running up beside me and he said y'all think you're really fm smarter. Don't you sir. Because you know what i'm talking about he goes. Don't worry we got something planned for you guys when we came back. They had filled up drainage ditches with sandbags filled it up with muddy water and they made us all jump in so like the kids. Rav murray did a money. Water will like just died in so as we're diving in were splashing border all over. They knew they didn't get no traction soleil. Let us go to breakfast. But yeah they every day. It was something with them and we didn't have a pet frog but it was like every day was something and yet when i when i read that chapter i got a big chuckle out of it because i think my friend wade. Who every day did something in. We were walking Punishment walks at night. We have to put your trust uniform on in march around the compound in square or something. I forget what they call that. But yeah yeah. We did lots of hours of that but so Is there any thought of maybe expanding to a second book with some of the other guys that you interviewed. you know. that's a good question. I don't know steve I like. I said i had to break john. D. kinda. Write this book and so in this one doing very well mended wings is is selling well. It's one of the. By the way. I think that one of the highest compliments that i receive on this book is when the guys who flew aircraft and vietnam or read it and they'll email me or call me whatever and they and they say call in. I don't know how you did this because you aren't there. But this is the most accurate portrayal. I've ever read of flying helicopters in vietnam when i read minute wings and that is extremely high res so i i'm very pleased with the way this book came out. Where do i. Where do i go from here. I am not sure. Because i do have my first. Two books were intended as a trilogy. I need to go back and finish those and then do i come back with another genre similar to this..

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