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Time the movie the same name and also he creates the character constant sign who it was played in the movie version by kano raves there's sort of like a an assassin of damons now what's interesting is alan moore is going on the rank order saying that when he was creating the alan moore excuse me creating the constant tyne current to alamo being coming but rights you know through phase raiders views he wanted to get the character just rights so visualized how concentrated look what he's had you know he's heights he's face clothing is carried through his mannerisms everything and spend a lot of time on that and maybe i'm sure the actually isn't a coincidence that alamos had one particular diet the heights of doing all this visualization he was sitting in restaurants on the river thames in london england when he saw coming towards him the constant fine age that he was still in the process of creates and he said this figure was wearing exactly the clothing head envisaged you know back home in in doing all the work on to crack the count the head with the same you know the face with the same everything was the same and he said this figure or whatever you wanna call it came walking towards him this kind of sinister conspiratorial grin on its face not a pleasant grin and alamos and he just froze he didn't know what to do and he said that the the character just sort of knowingly won't pass him with his airy green nodded vanished and so that's sort of that's just a few years ago now and casey's go back centuries demonstrates in you know what can be done in the name of and one sort of fictional famous hollywood version would be in the the early nineteen fifties movie the forbidden planets.

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