Colin You, Nathan Lyon, Fenway discussed on The Down and Dirty Show


Newest members of rows fenway Racing Nascar Racing World Championship Team Nathan Lyon Colin Keister guys great to have you gravy to all right You know both of you guys in the pro series over this You know over the past winner earned your way into the championship so You know I I guess Nathan. I'll start with you. You know. Obviously Had some really strong performances in the pro series and You know really really put yourself out there as sort of one of the guys who was GonNa Command some attention free agency. So what's it like now? To be a part. Arouse fenway racing. It's awesome it was one of the ICONIC NASCAR teams. I really want to be a part of Since I'm Mustang owner myself to be a part of a team like Rosh. The has roused performance parts. That some of the prequel gets to my friends and Colin You know also earning your way through the pro series obviously You know it was a really hard fought pro series and I know that you got into quite a few battles with some guys and You know but how much of a relief was it once you across the finish line at homestead new. You're in. It was a big relief because few those races I got into trouble and had.

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