Senator, Fraud, Barack Obama discussed on Dennis Prager


The the lion of the senator ted kennedy ted kennedy makes al franken look like a monk ted kennedy who had waitress sandwiches i will not go further you will just understand it as you will understand it ted kennedy not to mention a allowed a woman to drown whom he drove over a over appear ted kennedy the guy who paid people to take his exams in college but massachusetts voters they are mesmerized by the main kennedy their moral worth is irrelevant to democrats the more left you are the less if matters your moral worth so please don't this this moral high ground or praising franken for what for what it was a fraud that he got elected to begin with and that ford cost us obamacare that was the vote that that was the senate vote that mattered fast numbers of americans who can't afford uh their health care thanks to obamacare can't get it or have a deductible that is obscene on by the way i'm for high deductibles i think most insurance should be catastrophic but don't put don't give me the lie and he with that but he doesn't like obama didn't ally only trump trump lies about the basically about trivia but on the big stuff all of you like your doctor you can keep your doctor if you like your policy you can keep your policy all yes the missouri what was the says the city can in missouri with the with like ferguson ferguson was about the police racism the man fomented racial hatred obama he left the country more this united than any president in american history with the possible exception i guess of was it buchanan right before uh uh lincoln in such a fake world the new york times world is a fake world.

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