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Game versus the patriots eye let's head, it times yours Oh Grueling sixty seventy seven pitches any Paul prevented l. and he's. Rolling what is he? Thinking it's better not come back to backfire on. Us. Again we does gave. Kappler Guys what is he thinking. Again. Hopefully does not backfire Give you the answer really easily we. Need to score runs to beat the. Boston Red Sox I know your frustration Pavetti was rolling I understand and get an actually agree with the decision to try to get. A bad, in there to try to score some Ron. I mean one run wasn't going, to, win a game they need running in recent reports Thursday three cars who has intense interest in joining the seventy. Sixers and his name is, Jamal Crawford Crawford Crawford Insane this guy because not only can create his own shot to hear Crawford Crawford that much more on one more time for Crawford And you know, who could sign him if he had the thority genre she'd assign him That's right that's. Right I'm still available for the GM. Post I am still Lavelle coming third base ladies please, console your exciting for the hammer now you might not. Be able to get it.

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