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Robert Lucky is an ICU nurse in Houston. It's a big moment, you know, because so many people have been touched by that. But the virus disease so I think this would be hope for a lot of people. President elect Joe Biden travels to Georgia to campaign for two Senate runoff candidates. Oh, Georgia is great to be back weeks after becoming the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia in nearly 30 years, biding appeared at a rally for Jonah Soft and Raphael Warnock. To political newcomers in run offs with incumbent GOP senators David Perdue and Kelly Leffler, whom he blasted as Republican roadblocks sent me these two men, and we will control the Senate GOP win and either race would keep the Senate under Republican control, Biden warns. He'd then face the same kind of obstruction the Obama administration faced most of its eight years. And urged Georgia not to let it happen. We'll get so much done. SOCCER Megane Washington One of the NFL's wild card games next month will be on Nickelodeon pool isn't a pineapple under it will be an NFL game, with SpongeBob running out of the tunnel and players being covered in digital slime after touchdowns. Three wild card games Will air January, 10th and Nickelodeon will simulcast the middle game for families with kids. No Eagle and Nate Burleson will do. Play by play, joined by Gabrielle Naevia Green of the Knicks show all that The usual game broadcast will run on CBS. I'm Argies are Aleta. This is AP News. The Supreme Court orders a review of Colorado's virus rules for churches. The Supreme Court ordered a lower federal court to reexamine Colorado restrictions on indoor religious services to combat the coronavirus. The order is in light of the justices recent ruling in favor of churches and synagogues in New York. Three dissenting justices noted that the state already had lifted the challenge to restrictions. The high court's unsigned decision did not rule that the limits imposed by Colorado's governor or improper, but it did throw out a federal District court ruling that rejected a challenge by a northern Colorado church. Walter Ratliff. Minnesota Pardons Board Grants immediate Release to Myron Barrel A black man sentenced to life in prison for murder as a teenager, the board did not pardon barrel who was convicted and the 2002 killing of 11 year old Tisha Edwards. His case made headlines earlier this year after a year long investigation by the AP and American Public Media..

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