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Then when i came out on the stage the man screaming and sweating and saying oh wow look they were there an an w-we went to each and every one of those audience members and she explained the costumes the material that they were made from You know the time period. What was going on. And so by the time those actors came into the tent. They had stepped into the scene. Honestly because here's the thing oprah. There is a resistance to specificity. When it comes to black artists there is sort of either general notion of who we were or we exist in metaphor. But there's no exploring the absolute specificity of how they bought the tickets of what they were eating when they were sitting in that theatre where they were coming from how each of their hair what they were wearing how they would've thought about what they were gonna wear getting that hair done to show up for that performance absolutely and then to actually be there and to have people believe that i was who i was. Wow i can't say more than that. It's it's sort of was like nirvana and i'm a shy woman in general. I'm really introverted. So that was a lot to me to stand up in front of people and flirt with men in the audience. A lot for me. That's not me. I love the l. A. times review where they wrote resplendent in bold spang legaue nhs and she inform padding rubber. Her ma rainey is both a stellar performer and a mesmerizing object of contemplation. How much the costuming and the gold teeth. Also help you. What would help me believe that i was her. That's how it helped me. It helped me believe that. I wasn't by ola anymore. But i could soda disappear that i sort of you know as an actor you have to be an observer a thief right yeah you have to observe life in order to morph into it and the fact that i did not want to cover up my breasts as mob because i know that the women i knew who grew up you know and their breasts were hanging out. They just let him hang out. I never knew people who cover them. I didn't know those women. I actually didn't even know the people who even always mop their sweat after a while they mopped whatever and then they just let it drip. So did you do all of your own vocals for this phil. i didn't. I did some of them. I really did you know in hindsight. I wish i had more time. Because i would have done the vocals. I had very little time. Because i was. You know how to get away with murder you doing this at the same time. I'll know when. I you got the role then. I had just a couple of months to prepare. But i was still juggling how to get away with murder. It was the final season. Was the final episode. Yes it was a lot of juggling when you finished that last day and were in the process of beginning to let her go. I don't know how that shows up for you. Do you let her go on the day of the last shah. Yeah but when you had finished did you know you had served her. Well that you had brought her spirit alive in a way that people could receive it and know who she was in a way that we didn't before your performance. Did you understand that. Viola davis well oprah winfrey than i served the character. Well i will say this. I had one of the best experiences of my life..

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