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Let me ask you first okay the last five minutes of the game chris kreider took the best player in hockey packer do you don't score short the third period that bag of eating there are there are times where he looks like he's completely unstoppable on last night he was skating use gone a hundred miles an hour he was hitting people he wasn't the problem last night i would say that his consistency is a problem how you'll be gone for three or four games and then last night when you see him play like that you see his ability to ask you see my god how come isn't like this all the time but then again he's an athlete and you know there are other athletes and are competing against them and sometimes the park doesn't come to him but sometimes you got to make your own luck on the ice i think he's a terrific player but i think he's wall fleeing consistent i really do and sometimes you again less is it does like mind boggling things i'm just telling you this i i'm not on denial i play but i don't play that speed now level but i do know something about reading the guy that you're playing with and trying to understand and kind of thinking ahead having that hockey i q and understanding were that guy's going to go on what you want to do so a couple of times last night they weren't in quiz advantage i would throw in a corner because he saw kreider come flying down the side and quieter would go get the packard go knock somebody over and four check and get the puck away from them in those things were working at points in time last night but the frustration sometimes i think playing with chris kreider is palatable you could see the guy's a play with them sometimes are frustrated i built for the puck one way think.

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