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But I think there's the a concerted effort within the administration, and this new book the author claims that Stephen Miller said like, I don't want one asylum seeker to touch the touch this country. Well, the I mean, there are no I don't think there are many voters, but there are certainly segments of capital set are happy to benefit from having immigrants be as marginalized and criminalized as possible. Well, they're not here. I mean, so it's not just a question of capital may have that interest. But this policy doesn't further that this policy excludes people from out of the country, but it definitely contributes to the marginalization of immigrants who are here. It might it might. It might when they're all gone. They won't. I mean this administration. You know, this is where the Trump administration is at loggerheads with some of. That's why the coke brothers have an issue with it. I mean, so I think in general you, right? But I don't think that's what's animating this. I think what's animating. This is. White supremacy nationalist, but but these people are willing to put up with it because it also benefits them. I mean, you could argue I Don I haven't seen evidence of that. There are people I think agitating to get against the the Trump administration about you know, on the right? You know, the chamber of commerce not happy with this. Maybe they're pretending about it. But I agree with you. They want a significant number of of undocumented people in this country, so they can exploited them. But this is not the way you would go about doing it. You would let these people in. And then you could expect them. They're not supposed to be working. You have them already. You can't exploit them if they're not here. And so this is just I think unadulterated white supremacy, and it's grotesque, but it's what. This administration has been has been pushing for you know, months. Meanwhile yesterday. I don't know if you're listening to the fun half of the program. Many of you were not I had an extended conversation with Mike from Pennsylvania about Kamala, Harris and. He was saying that he thinks that Kamala Harris is call from Medicare for all was disingenuous. And I said that may be the case. But it's a very hard argument to make at this point based upon the way, they're that. She phrased things, however, an hour after we said that this story came out, and it's interesting, she she drew apparently record ratings for CNN, and I want to make clear that's why we're talking more about Kamala Harris right now than we are. Let's say beta or Jill LeBron. I mean few not as many people have announced even shared Brown is not officially announced. Elizabeth Warren has we spent some time on with Warren. And now we're talking about Harris. And she is the right now the most prominent candidate who's declared in terms of the Democrats and in terms of attention. She's getting. And I think you know, understandably she received. A two million viewers on CNN's town hall, which was seventy five percent above CNN's four week average in the ten o'clock hour, so there's some real excitement and curiosity around Kamala Harris, and you know, we played yesterday. Some clips that. From that town hall, but also about that shed some light on her not just the fact that she was prosecutor. I know there's some people who think that all prosecutors are inherently it's disqualifying. I've said in the past that, you know, if Eliot Spitzer turned out not to have a pathology, I think he would have been a great candidate. There's a guy went after a bankers and financial criminals with an you know, an a pretty big intensity. And so, you know, only a prosecutor is going to be able to do that. It's not so much that for me that she was a prosecutor. I, you know, the one the one election I cared about in the primary last year more than any was I wanted to efforts each out to be the chief prosecutor of New York state. The issue is not that she was prosecutor, but you can see numerous instances of her disdain for any type of criminal Justice reform, and you can see her. Bragging about policies that are incredibly punitive to to people living in poverty to people who have been marginalized people of color and..

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