The 60-game MLB schedule is out! Here's what you need to know and the big matchups we're circling

Lance McAlister


So here's what we know on the surface as we wait the official announcement of the other fifty nine games on the red season. We know it is sixty games. We will run through September twenty seventh. In terms of regular season, we know the reds are playing the national league central, and we know they'll play the American league central by the way if it's reds tigers opening day. What about Luis Castillo Versus Matthew Boyd? Maybe I'll ask David Bell about debt. I'm sure there's nothing David Bellwood. Rather be asked. Hey, schedules out officially. Who's your opening day starter? That coming up at at six thirty five, we know. NL Central Ale central. And I looked at what has been released from the national. League east, there were not six game were not six game ups against rivals. There was a thought in one stage of this process that they might make your natural rival at six games here in. Essence the reds and Indians playing six games three here three there in the early schedule releases. Six matchups during the season, the early proposal was going to be six versus your biggest rival, and then maybe lop off to against somebody else in that opposite division in this case being the American league central. We're waiting on that cubs, colonels, pirates brewers ten times. Each Butler tells me. That's forty Indians twins, White SOx tigers, royals, perhaps four times each times five equaling a total of twenty games. Let's

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