'Chance the Snapper': Chicago's Humboldt Park alligator one year later


Chance the snapper was first spotted in the Humboldt Park Lagoon and a week later rather, a week later, his life's changed forever. The alligators saga from a year ago created two celebrities Chance the snapper and alligator rob, otherwise known as Frank Rob, the Florida man who caught chance and took him to warmer climes in Florida. Rob says he visits chance every month or so at chances home. At the ST Augustine Alligator Farm. I think he kind of gives me that stink eye a little bit. Yeah, like man. Are you that guy again? Tag Navid. If you really can't, you're back here again, so that jokingly but they they don't forget. They're one of those animals that really their memory is so advanced. Their thought process is so advanced people give up, not a whole lot of credit, because again, they're brain small. Ah, alligator. His size has a brain the size of a great but unlike they're using every single bit of it. Rob says Chance grew six inches, the 1st 3 or four months. He was at the alligator Farm. Rob's life changed, too. When he came to Chicago, he says he still has a girlfriend here. Steve Miller News Radio, one of

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