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News radio dot com. Good morning, I'm Rachel Pearson and these are the top stories on news radio wbm. Russian president Vladimir Putin makes an unannounced visit to Crimea days after a warrant is issued for his arrest of war crimes. Police say three gunmen opened fire at a restaurant in the south shore neighborhood last night. I'm Brandon ice and defending U.S. Military spending in Ukraine, Russian born Chicago and speak out against Russia's invasion. Plus, another major bank is in trouble. Sports among the games in the NCAA men's basketball tournament today marquette faces Michigan state and in spring training baseball, the White Sox take on Seattle while the cubs play San Diego. AccuWeather calls for sunshine, blue skies, and a high near 40 the rest of today, partly cloudy tonight with a low of 28°. It's ten 31 Russian president Vladimir Putin visiting a command post in the southern Russian city today. It's part of a larger travel schedule for Putin that included his first visit yesterday to Mario pole, which was annexed by Russia from Ukraine in September. The travel is also happening just days after the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest on war crime charges. Chicago police are looking for the gunman accused of shooting four people inside a fast food restaurant in south shore last night. There were about a dozen bullet holes in Kennedy fish chicken near 72nd and exchange after the shooting, police say it was shortly after 9 p.m. when three men got out of a car and began firing. When it was over, four people inside the restaurant were wounded. Police say two 29 year old men and a 32 year old man all suffered gunshot wounds to the leg and a 29 year old woman had a graze wound to the ear, all were in good condition when they arrived at the hospital. Nancy hardy one O 5 9, wbm. Dozens of anti war protesters gathered outside the Wrigley building yesterday for the 20th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War and also had comments on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. At the anti war demonstration, the protesters called for the funding of people's needs, not war machines, even demanding that the U.S. stopped sending military aid to Ukraine. A few

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