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As well um i think that was a recent a story about uh hackers uh if that's the case that's really going to be an interesting uh so i think a solution that is in animus that preserves your privacy that is the fish and meant that would be very interesting i think i'm just going to keep burien gold in the backyard good luck finding somebody will take it seriously invest in nvidia seriously if you had if you had a bunch of gold let's say you have a you know a thousand gold coins worth a lot of money in where do you what do you do with them uh into the guy asks wounds and traded for depicted in the next to the guy a childish pairing of them it's not was not exactly of friction lewis currency anymore i mean there are people buy gold but i don't know if that's a a good way to do a pawnshop but then they would just trying to cheat me yeah i don't think gold is this liquid as you think it's kylie night your i wonder ten years from now we're gonna look back on this and i wonder if either will be dealing with the chaos has been created by multiple cryptocurrencies ico 's rampant fraud all of which is kind of what it looks like today or if some of this some sense will be made out of all of this this is the problem is that government is just out of the picture right governor normally you would expect government to get involved nobody trusts the government government doesn't seem to want to do anything about these kinds of things and frankly they're not sophisticated enough they are doc in the 19th century with the with the current financial system is but although he governance.

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