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It's been hard on some level because it's hard to find partners that both turn assam and the level of intimacy that we have and the the connection and the depth than the relationship it really is amazing so i don't feel like i'm losing anything because i get such a deep relationship with morgan but then there's always the possibility and we talk about other people and be in our sex life and you know she checks are workshops and you know were always investigating and just a possibility really turned to spoil thon and from that are sex life gets more and more fun and she said one more thing says he would unhappy if we were managament did not just me she's admitted that she's like i would not want that either but doing it together has made it super fun well that's awesome it's i'm that seems like the best it'll worlds yes chauffeur but are so are you guys both participating in these are siege still just like joaqu just being airline on up all all the oil people participating in some time she has participated more than i am and in our i i really want her explore all her desires and and this of a guy she feels comfortable with and so for me it's us again just being like wherever you want it and she has different priorities and choices and i do a much more easy attractive women energy feels good on the yes which he wants to get to know them anna if you this emotional connection so we have different speeds but at the same time it's really fun just to play did you say there aren't many guys she's attracted he so as their other guys joining in on these we've had experiences mafia parties were she's may not with other meant yes.

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