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People are right. I mean obviously well unless I mean I think there's an open question about police strategy here that we don't fully have a handle on, but it seems like you know at the moment. The heavy police presence is sort of and large masses of protesters, and then you have smaller groups, breaking off and rioting and the police are either not prioritizing that. Successfully dealing with it, so I was working on a column about De. BLASIO and I called Eugene O'Donnell who's a former NYPD officer who is now a lecturer at John? Jay College Criminal Justice and he really just yelled at me for forty five minutes. Right about you know that. New York slogan, Liberal Government and the New York Times. You know they wanted police abolition. Now they've got it and you know. Basically the police are just you know they've. They've endured so much abuse. And now they're just not gonNA do, anything. Now I think there's evidence that the police have taken a pretty aggressive stance towards the protesters. But then, and then you see hints of a kind of hands off stance towards the destruction of the city, and it's understandable. A cop now wanting to put themselves on the line for for macy's I saw at least one one Non New York mayor police chief I think literally give a press conference saying we can't ask our officers to put their lives on the line just to protect property. So that may not be justice, it may not be just a sort of you know. Screw you kind of gesture. It may be sort of you know defensive policy in effect. In the police response seems to have very greatly in different places, one of the things I get concerned about it a moment like this. When passions are running, so high is the way we saved the please as if it's uniform behavior, forgive use of the adjective uniform as if it's uniform behavior coast to coast north to South I have been heartbroken. By the pictures I've seen of an overzealous. Over violent police response, but I've also been heart warned by those images which I think have taken a back seat to those of police. Kneeling with protesters think it was Louisville. Where was that amazing? Short video on twitter of a protest or hugging a police officer of the two of them, falling into a hug that lasted something like thirty seconds. I think if we're GONNA talk about heartwarming images out of Louisville we also have to remember that the police shot a restaurant owner named David Makati. Who used to let the police eat for eat for free, and then I believe. His body was left out unclaimed for a long time. And so I do I, do understand the frustration of. What that I'm seeing from a lot of protesters who? Think that. Those images of the police kneeling that kind of warm, the hearts of. Liberals like me, then just become cover for later acts of brutality I mean that's very very fair. Concern and those images don't lessen the urgency of the 'cause I'm saying that I think one of the dangers of moments like this is when we paint with such a broad brush. I mean I I. See signs that say black lives matter blue lives. Murder I don't WanNa see the blue lives murder sign because I don't want to paint every law enforcement officer in the country with that broader brush..

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