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Come on steve. Let's recap today's strawberry letter the subject. I got a key made for his place. Let's hear it well. Shirley gave a very appropriate answer. I must admit and it is. She gave the answer that protects the woman's heart. She gave an answer that allows a woman to have empowerment. She gave an answer. That makes a woman stand up for herself and and get her rights. She gave that answer now. Ladies you need to learn something to so now let me give you this letter from the male perspective while we as men who heard this letter can see what he's clinging to dear stephen shirley. I've been married to my husband for six years. He's a good man he's a good man. See what she said about him. He's a good man right down. We are innocent in this country until proven guilt. Come on here. we go very reserve. He don't like to talk a lot. My mother always said to watch the choir ones because they vary sneak once again. We've come off the letter into a female perspective. What is your mama got to do with this. That she called the man sneaky causey quiet. He just quiet. He works in another city. That's two hours away. He has a studio apartment that the company provides so a usually drives on monday. Mornings comes homes on thursday and friday..

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